Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wii Nintendo Channel Data: EA Sports Active, Punch-Out!!, The Conduit, and Wii Sports Resort

Nintendo Channel Data for the Week Starting November 8, 2009:

EA Sports Active had 40,469 players reporting data.
Punch-Out!! had 64,106 players reporting data.
The Conduit had 39,283 players reporting data.
Wii Sports Resort had 131,067 players reporting data.

The Conduit saw a significant price drop in the past week.  The Conduit had a MSRP of $49.99., and all dropped the game last week to a MSRP of $29.99 last put The Conduit on sale this afternoon for $18, and it's sale's rank jumped all the way to #76 at the time I'm writing this.
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare[Reflex] was released yesterday, and I think it's in direct competition with The Conduit, and I'll be watching to see when it debuts, and how quickly it moves up in hours.
EA Sports Active has a direct sequel coming out next week, EA Sports Active: More Workouts and I'll also be watching to see when it debuts.

If you haven't bought The Conduit before now, will you buy it at the new MSRP of $29.99?

I bought The Conduit in June, on it's release day, and it has became my 4th most played Wii game.  If you haven't played The Conduit and are interested in it, the multi-player is definitely a buggy/glitchy game, but can be fun if you have patience with it.  The single player campaign was good fun and provided many hours of game play, so if you've been holding out on purchasing it, now is probably the right time.


  1. I may buy The Conduit if it was $19.99 like a greatest hits type deal. Is there a lot of replay value to the game?

  2. @NaN: I played through The Conduit's single player campaign four complete times, and other levels 5-7 times, accomplishing the "achievements" in the game. So, the single player mileage will vary, the multi-player replay value is determined by your patience with the game. My patience was tried one too many times, and I got rid of the game, but I had already gotten many hours of game play out of it.


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