Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Wii Nintendo Channel Game Data: Casual vs. Core vs. Casual/Core

Nintendo Channel Data
Casual vs. Core vs. Casual/Core for the week starting November 1:

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According To The Numbers:
EA Sports Active has 39,546 players reporting data.
Punch-Out!! has 62,640 players reporting data.
The Conduit has 38,380 players reporting data.
Wii Sports Resort has 125,186 players reporting data.

A Thought:
The Conduit has the fewest players reporting data, and is behind in sales rank on Amazon.com, but The Conduit shows that the number of games sold, doesn't equal number of hours played.  Punch-Out!! and EA Sports Active are outselling The Conduit on Amazon.com on a regular basis, but The Conduit is being played more, even with fewer gamers reporting data...at least according to the Nintendo Channel numbers.
Do you think Punch-Out!! or EA Sports Active will catch The Conduit in game play hours, once another online multi-player FPS, such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare [Reflex Edition] is released?  Or do you think The Conduit will continue to get game play hours like it has been and won't be affected by Call of Duty: Modern Warfare [Reflex Edition]?

Interesting fact:
It was reported on November 2, that Wii Sports Resort has crossed 7 million units sold world-wide, since its release.

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