Thursday, May 10, 2012

January, February, March, & April Brewed? More Like Roasted...

Coffee Beans
     It has been 3 full months since a post here on CoffeeWithGames, and basically 5 full months since I was posting on a regular basis. What's been happening?
     Well, in January I installed a new graphics card and power supply in my computer, after I received Star Wars: The Old Republic as a gift. The installation of the graphics card and power supply went smoothly, and they are still in my PC (though the GPU almost sounds like my PS3 sometimes...LOUD).
     After I installed the new GPU and PSU, I started playing Star Wars: The Old Republic, and for about the first 2 weeks everything was going well, though I was noticing something odd with my PC. Hard-drive space was randomly vanishing. My HDD went from I think 50+ GB, to zero, in the 2 weeks I was playing The Old Republic. I was getting pop-up warning messages about my HDD space being at zero, and my PC's performance would slow way down.
     I uninstalled Star Wars: The Old Republic, and when I restarted my PC, magically the 50+ GB of data reappeared instantly along with the game's required HDD space. After searching the game's forums and doing internet searches for the issue, there was only one post I found that another player was having the same issue, and that player was in Europe. Since then though, I have seen a few more HDD posts pop-up on different forums, though nobody seems to really know why the game is causing HDD issues.

     What does that have to do with posting on CoffeeWithGames? Well, as many of you know, I did lots of data posts by watching games on the Wii's Nintendo Channel. I would record data each week by video capture, and those recordings were usually 1-2GBs in size, and that wasn't counting any trailer clips I would try to find and/or game-play footage I would randomly record. Trying to resolve The Old Republic issues in January and no HDD space, meant no data posting.
     Then February rolled around and I had gotten busy with some business connections, doing lots of video editing, so after I had resolved the HDD space, I was then using it for capturing/editing new videos and sending them out (non-game related). February's only post was on my 2011 Video Games Resolution, and then NOTHING...until now.

     What exactly will the future of CoffeeWithGames be? Well, there will be some data posts, as there have been a few games to debut in the last several months that I was watching, and there may be a new video feature...but that remains to be seen. So, CoffeeWithGames has been slow roasting for the last several months, but I do plan on getting it back up and going, though maybe not quite as often as it was before with as many posts.
     If you're wondering, "Well, Coffee have you been playing any games?" The answer is pretty simple, not really. It's been basically only Star Wars: The Old Republic back in January, and then I played Rayman Origins for about 30 minutes at the end of February, when we were actually on a family vacation. I still have two games I received as Christmas gifts that haven't even been opened!

     Anyway, CWG isn't going away, but it's in a weird transition right now until I can figure out the best way to do things with the data posts, and perhaps adding new features on a more regular basis.
     As for now, I'll leave you with one video I edited together back in January, having some fun with our oldest son. WARNING: Turn your volume down before pressing play! (I failed to adjust the audio in the editing program correctly!)


  1. And I get to be the first one to officially "welcome you back" - so there it is. I've been wondering where you ducked off to - and the Star Wars issue with the hard drive is definitely weird. I had something like that happen once on my old PS 3 as well. Some game I had installed just started to chew up my memory for no reason (I want to say it was a demo of something my son had downloaded, like Mod Nation Racers) - and as soon as I removed it, I got like 16 gbs back.

  2. And I get to be the first one beaten by one Mister Chalgyr. I've had a slight but of PC issues too; while trying to fix our old Windows XP machine I must have uninstalled the wrong thing, because now it won't boot up!

    Anyway, enough about me. Good to see you are alive and well. I was considering an FBI Missing Persons watch for you, actually :P

  3. Well, I did download the Mod Nation Racers demo on my PS3, but never had any issues with it...but I didn't play it but twice I think. A few races in it, and messed around with the editor once.

    Thanks for the welcome back!

  4. Second place still gets a medal though, right?
    PC issues are no fun, and being a hoarder of digital files makes my HDD issues even worse.
    *pitching the idea
    "Digital Hoarders - When the Internet Crashes, So will these people" Season 1 this Fall!

    If you placed a missing persons report with the FBI, it probably wouldn't they probably would be one of three agencies that knows my exact whereabouts.... :)

    Thanks for checking in!

  5. Glad to see you are back Mr. Coffee! That's a really strange issue with your hard drive, it must be a pretty hairy Star Wars glitch if it can trick the system into thinking it has no hard drive space left. I hope more people keep having the same issue so it pushes the developer to release a patch.

  6. I'm 4th, woot!... err.

    Well hey, welcome back! I did a double take when looking down my rss reader and there was actually a new post here. Good to hear things will continue.

    I feel for you with the PC issues and that's definitely strange. I've also been hearing alot of buggy things about that game.

    I've had some good fun with my business laptop's hard drive dying during tax season along with my work laptop shorting out and not being able to use the battery. I'm thankful for cloud backups as I would be completely sunk without it.

    (oh yeah, this loaner laptop BSOD's each week :x )

    But back on the gaming front the 3DS continues to be a great system for me. My Wii is still in storage (I told you it would be awhile) and there was some massive news on that today, but I don't want to jinx it.

  7. There have been a few patches since then, and I even updated it with a few a patch (or two) in January, but it didn't solve the problem.
    I know the game has seen several more patches since then, and it was just released in 30+ more countries in the last 2-ish weeks I think, so hopefully when/if I try it again, the problem won't be there.

    Thanks for commenting!

  8. I almost sent you a message earlier tonight, asking about the Wii and GoldenEye you still have GoldenEye on it?

    Do you find having the 3DS makes gaming easier, with a little one? Our oldest wants to do EVERYTHING I'm doing...talking on the phone, getting on the computer, and IF I fire up a system..."I want to play Mario!" which consists of him either jumping in one spot over and over, or running and not being able to jump over the pipes. Which results in me not playing any games, but hearing the Mario tunes which I end up humming at work very often.

    Oh, and as for being 4th..that's like an "Honorable Mention" or something I think...

  9. *hands Robert a participation trophy* Does that help?

    I think the 3DS's definitely help around our house. My son and I have ours, and when the tv's tied up or someone wants to do something - we have our own little escape. :P

  10. LOL, have been thinking about GoldenEye lately. I do still have it and am looking forward to getting back into the game. (still not complete. :D )

    For 3DS gaming, it makes it more convenient in general, but not when our oldest is around. She wants to do the same and really likes pressing the circle pads when in swapnote. She also seems to like the train in Zelda: Spirit Tracks and when she isn't poking at the screen says "Choo Choo" a lot.

    So it's been very convenient with gaming at work during lunch or in the evenings after she's in bed.

    @Chalgyr: ha, was about to say participation trophy. I'm just lucky I had a chance to post a reply. :)

  11. Holy smokes, Coffee!!!! Glad to see you back! Out of habit, I would check-in here just to see if you had posted anything new. Lo and behold! I was almost to the point of stalking you on facebook just to see what happened to you and what games you've been playing. I thought you may have been one of those who's personhood got disolved into the world of Skyrim.

    I'm not much of a PC gamer, but even I know that the memory issues are an anomoly. Hopefully there will be a fix for KOTOR soon. From what you played, did you like it?

    I've been playing quite a few games lately, but I'm on a bit of a time crunch today. So, for now, I'll echo the sentiments of "hi and welcome back!". I will say that my brother and I got back into playing GE007 online (despite how bad it's been hacked by some), and we have been playing it fairly frequently. So, if you and Robert want to team up with some higher level players, perhaps we can set something up over Skype to coordinate some games.

    Glad to see everybody on here again! Looking forward to more posts and comments!

  12. That's right, I think I have you added on GE007, but we weren't able to coordinate a game back last year in May-July. From what I remember you leveled up quite a bit too.

    I also meant to ask how the online was doing and if there were still a good number of players. Too bad to hear that hacks are creeping in.

  13. "I was almost to the point of stalking you on facebook just to see what happened to you and what games you've been playing."

    Haha, Facebook stalking doesn't really work with me, as I don't use it very often, or on a regular basis like most.
    Thanks for stopping in, and yea, GoldenEye 007 on the PS3 is almost tempting, because it can probably be patched to prevent whether or not they will keep it up, no clue.

  14. Hold on, so @Robert gets a ribbon, but I haven't got my silver medal yet? For shame Coffee....

    (Yes, I am joking. No, I don't have a grudge against you @Robert)

  15. Haha! Found it, had to do some "searching", found it in a box...under the bed, in the closest or something?!

    *now just where is that gold medal, and the bronze?!

  16. Something being Google Images?

    WELL OFF-TOPIC MUCH? Anyway I'd like to make my acceptance speech.

    ME: I am humbled to be here, this evening, ladies and gentlemen, members of the press, as a lucky silver medal winner courtesy of Coffee With Games, a fantast---

    REPORTER: Sir, can you hurry up?

    ME: No. *clears throat* Anyway, a fantastic site gave me this medal. I like medals. I like this site. I like liking things. And so, I would like to say thanks.

    Now, you half-asleep audience, where's my coffee?

    That's why I am tired.

  17. "Something being Google Images?"


    Every time I tried to come and comment here in the last 24 hours, I fell asleep before I could finish reading your comment/speech.


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