Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"Best Coupon of the Year"? So says GameStop - Buy 2 Games Save $25

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     So, a little bird just dropped off some more video game deals being offered up by GameStop in my email. The title of the email? "Best Coupon of the Year - Buy 2 Games Save $25". Is it really the "best coupon" of the year? I don't know, but it's definitely not a bad deal if you're in the market for two new games.
     That's right, the deal is "Buy two in-stock games priced $59.99 or more and save $25 off your total.", so that's basically a 10% 20% savings.

     Here are some of the current deals GameStop is advertising as sales:
     1) Buy two games priced $59.99 or more and save $25 off your order total. In-Stock titles only. Use code: 2SAVE25
     2) Save $40 on the Nintendo DSi XL, now only $129.99 at GameStop.com
     3) Save $50 on the Nintendo DSi, now only $99.99 at GameStop.com
     4) Free Value Shipping on games and accessories over $59.99. Excludes consoles and handhelds systems. Offer expires 6/1. Use code: POSTAGEM
     5) Pre-order Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 at GameStop.com to get locked in for four waves of bonus offers.
     6) Check out Ghost Recon: Future Soldier's Artic Strike DLC

     So, if any of you saw my post from earlier today about Dragon's Dogma and Ghost Recon: Future Soldier releasing today, and you plan on picking up both games new, make sure to save yourself some money if possible. The link above is just one way.


  1. What a great purchase! These six deals GameStop is really too good and its definitely worth the money. I also want purchase this type of coupon for my husband.

  2. Not bad at all, though I do get to pick on your math a bit, since $25 off of $120 would be closer to 20% off than 10% :) Still, not a bad deal as usually their discounts are for used games, not new. considering though that I'm eying both Diablo 3 and Dragon's Dogma right now though? hmm

  3. For what country is this promotion? Because the codes do not work here in the states.

  4. Hey dude some people on another site are asking where this applies, I guess like the Guest as well.

  5. LOL, no picking necessary...that's called a DAILY FAIL. Not even sure where I got it, until I checked the email again just now...
    "10%" is listed directly under it for another deal, that's the only place the 10% must have come from...unless my brain really did fail that terribly last night. /sigh

    *sips on coffee, hoping caffeine works quickly tonight!

  6. This is in the U.S., sorry for the confusion. It's on GameStop's site, so not in stores unless they start honoring it in stores as well. So GameStop.com, and you enter the promotional code 2SAVE25, after adding at least 2 new games that are $59.99 or more to your cart.
    The image below shows you what the page looked like when I just did it as an example.

  7. Thanks for heads up as well, I made an image and posted it in the above comment to show the proper steps for how to do it.

  8. I hear you on the caffeine. something about work today just killed my brain, I swar. This looks like a pretty solid deal, especially since I'm eying a couple of games, but I will *probably* hold off for now as I try to muck through my backlog of games collecting dust.

    As an aside? So damn good to see you posting again, bud. Enjoy your coffee this eve. :)

  9. It is informative post. Mostly voucher codes for all kinds of businesses can be found online. This is not a bad deal as usually their discounts are for used games so i want this coupon.


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