Sunday, May 13, 2012

Meet Joe!

Coffee Beans
     During the last several months while I was editing videos together, Mrs. Coffee took up a new hobby by accident.  How do you take up a new hobby by accident?  Well, Mrs. Coffee was talking with our neighbor, and thought our neighbor said she had learned how to knit on YouTube.  So, my wife came home and was curious about it, and looked up how to knit on YouTube.  She started by knitting an octopus, and then she knitted me something, keeping it a surprise until it was finished.
    What did Mrs. Coffee knit me?  Meet JOE!

     Joe might become more involved around here on CoffeeWithGames, but the details and his contract are being worked on right now.
     So, back to how she started the hobby by accident.  While our neighbor did learn her hobby on YouTube, it wasn't knitting as Mrs. Coffee thought she had heard, it was crocheting.  One benefit of the mistake though, Joe was created, and Mrs. Coffee has continued to knit other creations since then, and is looking into more crafting hobbies in general now.

     Also, Happy Mother's Day to my awesome mom, Mrs. Coffee, and all the other moms out there!


  1. LOL - wonder what Joe will demand in his contract negotiations? Pretty cool - and possibly the first 'accidental' hobby I have encountered. :)

  2. HAHA! Nice! Sackboy eat your heart out. Chalgyr, let's hope Joe's contract negotiations go smoothy, because, personally, I'd really like to see more of Joe here. Maybe we'll have to get our own petition going, called "Operation Javafall". Hat's off to Mrs. Coffee. :)

  3. This guy is TOUGH! He's detailing things like, "Brewed at least twice a day; can be bitter with no repercussions."

    Bitter with no repercussions?! Who does he think he is?

  4. LOL, Operation Javafall, has nice ring to it. As for his contract, see my above reply ^...guy isn't playing!


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