Friday, September 30, 2011

The Winner of 2 Years' Worth of Coffee Is...

Coffee Beans
     Last month, I posted up a contest/giveaway for 2 years' worth of coffee, and that contest/giveaway is now over!  To enter the contest, the entrants had to write a poem about coffee, with at least one video game reference in it.
     If you have entered any of my contests/giveaways in the past, you know how I usually randomly select the winner; but for those of you that don't know how I select the winner, the images below explain it(you may remember the first two images):

     So, who won the contest/giveaway and what was their poem?  Let's take a look!

     Congratulations to JHardin1112 on winning the 2 years' worth of coffee contest/giveaway!
     While many of you, like myself, have a website/blog, JHardin1112 also has his own website dedicated to video game news, mainly Nintendo news.  The website he helps operate is WiiNintendo).

     JHardin1112's poem to enter the contest/giveaway was:
     I awaken, all alone in a field,
     surrounded by mountains
     Defenseless, having no sword nor a shield

     What is that I hear?
     My ears do they deceive?
     Strange music abounds,
     Reminiscent of classic, 8-bit sounds.

     I look yonder, a cave is what my eyes perceive!
     As I approach the entrance I see light from a flame,
     Briefly, I am reminded of a magical old game.
     Upon entering I see a bearded old man,
     standing between two flames with something in his hand.

     As I approach, he speaks,
     "It is dangerous to go alone. Take this!"

     I am jarred by those familiar words
     Hesitantly, I reach for the sword.

     Then he hits me on the top of my head and
     says "Wake up Jeremy, time to get out of bed."

     Oh boy, it's Monday morning, back to the grind.
     I roll out of bed, and leave my dreams behind.
     I step into the kitchen, right up to the pot,
     grab a filter, measure out some of the grounds and whatnot.

     Then I sit at the table as I wait for my brew,
     Flip open my 3DS, to play for a few.

     What game you ask? Why Legend of Zelda, of course.
     I got it for free as an early adopter, and I have no remorse
     For spending 249 plus tax on day two
     Now excuse me please as I enjoy some of that brew.

Filtered Thoughts
     A huge thanks to everybody that participated in the contest, but if you didn't win the drawing, don't lose heart; there may be another announcement in that regards soon!
     If you did not enter the contest, but found JHardin1112's poem fun and entertaining, and you would like to read the other entries, you can read all the other poems from the contest HERE!


  1. Congratulations JHardin! Well deserved!

    And well done to everyone who entered. It was very close

  2. Woohoo! Thanks Strikester! A big THANK YOU to Scott for hosting this contest in the first place =D!

  3. Congrats ! That is very cool - and as always, a fun way to document your contest!

  4. Aw Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannn! lol

    Great contest Coffee and congratulations JHardin! (and great poem btw)

  5. Thanks everyone! I had fun with the poem =D and my wife and I really appreciate the FREE coffee!!!

  6. The first shipment has been sent, and should be arriving shortly!



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