Monday, September 5, 2011

Grab Your Guns! Interview with's Founder

Coffee Beans
     Call of Duty: World at War, Borderlands, and Uncharted: Drake's Fortune are all PS3 games in my collection, and they all have one thing in common other than the console they are on; I received them all from's founder, Keith.
Lots of respawn action in these games!
     Keith and I started chatting over a year ago, after he commented on one of my data posts.  We were both new to the blogging scene, and we would talk about different issues and ideas with our sites.
     If you just started reading my blog this year, you may have missed one of our ideas that came about last year, but was short lived.  Tornadoes in Alaska!  It was our version of a video game podcast, but it ended abruptly when Keith(yes, he is the one to blame!) went on vacation.
     So, what is about, and what type of games and coffee does Keith enjoy?  Find out after the break!

Interview Q&A
CoffeeWithGames:  You write for a few different gaming sites now, but is your very own.  What audience are you aiming for at RespawnAction?
Keith:  Yes, I do write for a multitude of gaming sites, and is where I would say I got my first big break.  With RespawnAction, however, I wanted to create a hub for the shooter genre, whether it's first or third-person games.  Every major gaming blog focuses on the entire industry, and attempts to be the all-in-one source for gaming.  Surprisingly, the biggest genre in the industry doesn't have it's own dedicated website for news, previews, etc., so, that's where the idea for RespawnAction came into fruition.  In time, I hope to have RespawnAction become one of the most respected blogs on the web, and a place where everyone can come to for both exclusive coverage as well as an aggregate for the genre.

CWG:  I believe you own a PlayStation 3, Wii, and Xbox 360.  Do you have a "favorite" console this generation, and if so, which one?
Keith:  "Favorite" console?  Well, I try to divide my attention equally, however, I try to take my online gaming, uh, online, with the Xbox 360, as I feel it has the better structure.  In the end, both give me a ton of headaches with the constant online issues which in my eyes happen for no reason.  My three most dreaded letters are N.A.T.  I'm sure many will agree.

CWG:  Being that RespawnAction has a heavy FPS focus, is the FPS genre your favorite/preferred video game genre?
Keith:  Shooters in general are my favorite genre, both first-person and third-person.  First-person allows you to delve into the character obviously, but third-person also has its benefits, namely allowing me to see the awesome character I created.  That's the one thing I hate about customization in FPS games--you never see your customizations!

CWG:  What is your favorite FPS this generation?
Keith:  Left 4 Dead without a doubt.  That game has gotten more playtime out of me than Halo, Battlefield, and Call of Duty combined.  I can just keep going back to the same four campaigns time and time again.

CWG:  What's your preferred coffee blend these days?
Keith:  When I'm home, I really love drinking Maxwell House's "Breakfast" blend, but on the road I have a thing for deli coffee.  I don't know what it is, but these family-owned delis sure make the best coffee.

Filtered Thoughts
     If you want to follow Keith's work you can do so directly at, follow him on Twitter, and/or "like" the RespawnAction Facebook page.
     As for the games, we are currently playing(getting destroyed in) Borderlands.  If any of you own Borderlands on the PS3, and want to join our adventure, leave a comment and perhaps you can help us in our current situation!
     A big thanks to Keith again for the games!


  1. Good interview - I have been over on Respawn in the past - and seeing Left 4 Dead as Keith's favorite was interesting. I haven't played that one much myself yet - but my son absolutely loves it (but then, he's a big fan of online FPS's).

  2. I have never actually played the Left 4 Dead games, but the first game Keith mailed me was Call of Duty: World at War and we spent many hours/nights playing the Zombie Mode in that game.

  3. Another mode that's a favorite of my son's. Mind you, he plays Black Ops Zombie, but I don't play that mode much - I usually play multiplayer deathmatch.


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