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August Brewed - Coffees Consumed, Games Played

Coffee Beans
     Family, work, school, and flying out for a friend's wedding is where a lot of my time was invested in August, but I did make time to play some games, and coffee consumption was a daily occurrence as usual.
     With the 31 days of August 2011 now history, let's take a look at the coffees I consumed, and the games I played during August.

Coffees Consumed in August
     Folgers Custom Roast - This was a 270 coffee cup container purchased in July.  It lasted us until about the middle of August, and I enjoyed it while it lasted.
     Seattle's Best Coffee Organic House Blend - This was a blend Mrs. Coffee purchased me as a surprise back in June, and it has survived since then.  I checked just tonight, and there is still some coffee left in it, probably enough for another 6 cup pot.
     Tully's Bold Coffee French Roast - This was a Keurig coffee pod that I brewed up in one of my friends' Keurig coffee machine.  It had a good solid flavor to it, and filled my cup up to the top.
     Trader Joe's, Joe's Dark Coffee - This is a "coffee by mail" story.  Reader, and fellow blogger, Charlie mailed me this container of coffee.  It's a whole bean coffee, so I have been using our coffee bean grinder every few days and making a few cups.  I just brewed myself and Mrs. Coffee a few cups of it tonight(Thursday), and I will probably ration this coffee out so I can try to make it lasts a little while.  A huge thanks to Charlie for the coffee, and I have been thoroughly enjoying it!  You can read Charlie's writings at his blog,
     Maxwell House French Roast - Mrs. Coffee purchased this container of coffee in August, after going about 2 months without purchasing any Maxwell House coffee blends.
     Two Cups of Starbucks - I flew out last Friday, August 26, to be a friend's wedding.  After staying up super late Thursday night doing schoolwork, then waking up early Friday morning to leave, instead of brewing the coffee before I left, I decided I would just grab a cup of coffee at the airport.  After getting through security, I went to a Starbucks in the airport, and purchased just a "tall" house blend.
     One Cup of Seattle's Best Coffee - On my connection flight down to Louisiana, I decided to give Delta Airlines' in-flight coffee a try.  They serve Seattle's Best Coffee, and the coffee was definitively piping hot.
     Community Coffee Dark Roast - This coffee was provided by the hotel we stayed at for the wedding.  Being that the wedding was in Louisiana, it makes sense that Community Coffee was provided, because Community Coffee Company is based in Louisiana.

Video Games Played in August
     Kirby's Epic Yarn - Mrs. Coffee and I borrowed/traded this game from our neighbors, because I knew it had cooperative play.  If you don't know, Mrs. Coffee and I have played through New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Donkey Kong Country Returns together, so I figured we could give Kirby's Epic Yarn a try.  We finished the game's "main" campaign on August 11 together, but I haven't played the game since.  Mrs. Coffee has been playing her own game file on a regular basis though, attempting to unlock everything in the game.  I enjoyed our play-time together in the game, but the game is relatively short, and not extremely challenging if you don't try to unlock everything; though unlocking everything does require more time, and skill.
     New Super Mario Bros. Wii - While I mentioned just above that Mrs. Coffee and I have completed NSMBW and DKCR cooperatively, neither one of us finished the campaigns on our own.  Well, we started playing New Super Mario Bros. Wii with our neighbors in early August, and our objective is to complete the game with four players cooperatively.  So far, we have made it through World 1, and are now at the half-way point in World 2.  Four player Mario madness is a lot of fun, and I'm looking forward to continuing our adventure in the near future.
     Rage of the Gladiator (WiiWare) - I attempted to accomplish a "Rank S" on a certain boss battle in Challenge Mode, for a YouTube user that asked me if I could assist him with a video.  Unfortunately, I haven't accomplished the Rank S while recording game-play footage yet.
     Super Mario Bros. (Virtual Console) - I have found myself playing this in short, quick, spells.  Being that the game has "shortcuts", I can get to World 8 quickly, but World 8-2 has a few jumps that get me, and if I reach the final castle as little Mario, I have issues "defeating" Bowser.
     Uncharted: Drake's Fortune - Keith from sent me Uncharted: Drake's Fortune a few months back, but I delayed playing it because of my backlog of games.  I started playing it in July, and I have enjoyed my time with the game so far.  A huge thanks to Keith again for the game, and if you like FPS/action games, make sure to check out his blog,
     Medal of Honor: Vanguard - I have used the online video game trading service several times, and Medal of Honor: Vanguard was the last game I received from the service.  I'm working my way through the single-player campaign slowly, and I was actually surprised to see the game offers 4-player local splitscreen multi-player, though I haven't tried it yet.

Filtered Thoughts
     In total, I consumed eight different coffee blends in August, not counting one iced "coffee" drink, and played six different video games.
     While Kirby's Epic Yarn was the only game I completed in August, it wasn't on my video game backlog, so I can't take it off the list.  As for the iced "coffee" drink, it was something Mrs. Coffee and I had not purchased in many years, basically since moving to North Carolina; more on the iced "coffee" drink later though!

     What coffee blends, or other beverages, did you find yourself consuming a lot of, and what games did you yourself playing in August?  Any recommendations, or warnings?


  1. Games played:

    Pokemon: White Version*
    Mario Kart Wii
    Super Mario Galaxy
    Super Mario Bros. (Wii VC)

    Was pretty busy in August

    *@cofee - Speaking of Pokemon, did you vote on my poll on The ? Block (now Nintendo Nation)

  2. Glad to be a part of the community. Keep up the good work.

  3. @strikester - nice collection of games - I saw mario galaxy one recently just got dropped in price. May have to consider picking that one up at some point.

    @Charlie - :)

    @Coffee - Kirby is a game we have, that i still need to spend more than a few minutes with. Awesome about Uncharted - I really liked that game, and need to play #2 soon.

    - As for my lists, mostly water last month, but as it starts to cool, I'll no doubt be drinking a lot more coffee soon, though it's usually just instant brew stuff, nothing particularly special.


    - Got through God of War collection and God of war 3
    - Played and beat Splinter Cell: Conviction in an afternoon
    - Civ 5 (beat it a couple of times)
    - Dungeons
    - Defense Grid: Awakenings
    - Neverwinter Nights 2
    - Record of Agarest War
    - Heroes of Might & Magic: Clash (on the last stage of this one)
    - Heavy Rain
    - Halo: Reach
    - Lots of Madden 12 the last couple of days

  4. @Charlie - I really like your blog. Thanks for sharing the Word.

  5. @The Strikester:
    Are you playing Mario Kart Wii online much? Or just offline?

    As for the poll, I just hopped over and voted in it, but I have never played Pokemon game for more than 5 minutes(if that), so I had no idea who/what Team Plasma was!

    No games, or coffee for you in August?! Say it ain't so!

    I'm always amazed at how many games you usually play, and how many you actually complete! I'm so slow with that side of it, perhaps less blogging would allow more time for gaming!?

    Who is "your" team in Madden 12?


    Thank you all for the comments/feedback your August tallies(or non-tallies Charlie and JHardin1112!)

  6. @coffee:

    From Bulbapedia

    Team Plasma (Japanese: プラズマ団 Plasma-dan, literally Plasma Gang) is the villainous team in Unova. Team Plasma's goal is to free Pokémon from humans.

    There are plenty of encounters with them throught Pokemon Black / White. I have White BTW

  7. @coffee - I know, right? People who see my blog and game lists are like: is that all he does? and well... not 'all' - but I think they're surprised to hear I'm married, 3 kids, full-time job. I think the key is I'm just one of those people who doesn't sleep a lot, LOL.

    The blogging definitely takes time. I'm still keeping my every 3 days pace for my blogs, but it's not as easy these days, especially now that we're getting the kids ready for school starting on Tuesday

    For me in Madden? Lions. And for the first time in a long time, it's not entirely embarrassing to say that. :) Going to wind up with another really lengthy review after I beat on it for a week or so - there's a lot of modes and features I need to get through.

  8. Melitta as usual and all this 100+ degree weather won't change that. I'M ADDICTED!

    @Coffee/Chalgyr: I still have no idea how you pull off that much gaming and blogging. After a few days of going to bed after 1am I'm a bit zombie-like.

    August was another month where I was out of town for almost all of it, though I was able to get in some PC gaming. As I look back on my Wii play history, it's kind of sad as it's been over two months since I played any.. I blame the steam sale and Portal 2.. :)

    The list:

    - Limbo Demo
    - EDGE Demo
    - StarCraft II (Starter Edition)
    - Portal 2
    - Gish
    - VVVVVV
    - SuperMeatBoy
    - Bit.Trip Runner
    - Samorost 2
    - Steel Storm: Burning Retribution

    It's been a bit of a demo month and I haven't made much progress on the backlog. Though getting a taste of StarCraft II has been pretty cool.

    @Chalgyr: Great list as usual and SMG @ $19 has also crossed my mind. Not sure I'm willing to swing $40+ on SMG2 just yet.

    @Coffee/The Strikester: Nice action on the original SMB.

    @Coffee: That's awesome about your neighbors and 4-player NSMBW. Sounds like a real blast! Besides watching SC2 prices I'm also looking for a sale on NSMBW as it's high on my list.


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