Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tornadoes in Alaska - Episode 1

     Hey everybody!  I am excited to announce a new feature for the blog I am participating in.  Earlier this week on Thursday, Keith from RespawnAction and I recorded our very first podcast!  It was a joint podcast, and we hope it will continue to be a joint effort from both of us moving forward.

     The podcast is titled, Tornadoes in Alaska(yes it's random!), and we are tagging it as a gaming news podcast.  We are hoping to bring two new podcasts to you every week.  We plan on recording the shows every Tuesday and Thursday, and they should be uploaded soon after recording...which means the news we cover should be pretty current, and fresh(like my coffee!), for all of you listening to them.

     We hope everybody will enjoy what we are trying to do, and we would greatly appreciate any feedback on our show...whether it's bitter or sweet!  I have done two things with the show below:

1) The first thing I did, was edit together a YouTube introduction video version. I just took the first four minutes of the podcast and added pictures and slides to it for you to enjoy(hopefully) and give you an idea of the podcast.

2) I am including the podcast we recorded. A huge thanks to Keith for editing it together and making the intro/outro song! Again, his site is  This is family friendly(and less than 20 minutes).  Again, any feedback would be greatly appreciated!









  1. Hey guys, I know some spots in the show are kinda weird with the editing, but FEAR NOT! It won't be an issue later on down the line, but as of now I'm still new to it. :P


  2. I knew you were up to something Coffee! Welcome to the world of Podcasting. I will take a listen and post very critical overly sarcastic feedback soon. I'm glad "Who Burned My Toast?" may have given you the podcasting bug.

  3. Very cool gentleman! I like the fact that it's so informative, and so short. A lot of podcasts have unnecessarily lengthy episodes for the amount of information presented.

    Please let us know when you put this up on iTunes so I can subscribe!

  4. @ Den, put it up this morn, so Apple should be done reviewing it soon, because I just searched for it and didn't find it yet.

  5. @The Butcher:
    Thanks for the welcome to podcasting!

    We are trying to keep it concise...I think that's the word!

    Apple seems to be with everything else they do(OH SNAP!). No, I have heard anywhere from 2-weeks to 6-weeks for getting it on iTunes though. Not really sure if that's correct though.

    Glad you enjoyed the video.

    Thanks for the comments, and hopefully you will enjoy future episodes!


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