Thursday, July 8, 2010

Monster Hunter Tri: Rathian Burning Up My Time!

Quick Brew Info:
It has been 2-weeks since we last looked at data for Monster Hunter Tri.  This week along with the data, I am including video footage from a Rathian hunt, that I hunted with the guys from

(click to enlarge)

Approx. Number of Players Reporting Data:
Monster Hunter Tri has 27,137 players reporting their play-time data.

Player Increase Since Last Report:
Monster Hunter 3 has increased by 3,877 more players reporting play-time data, since the data was reported 2-weeks ago.

"Total" Game-Play Hours Reported/Increased:
Monster Hunter Tri has 1,591,084 Total Hours reported, an increase of 361,875 hours since 2-weeks ago. Sale Rank & Advertised Price:
Monster Hunter 3's sale rank is #313 and the current selling price is $49.95.

I am still enjoying Monster Hunter Tri/3 a lot, and I think the play-time data is very impressive for the game.  As I stated in the "Quick Brew Info", I am including a video from a Rathian hunt that I did two nights ago with the guys from

I remember playing the Monster Hunter 3 demo, and when fighting the Qurupeco, it called in a Rathian.  When I saw the Rathian, I thought, "What in the world is that thing!"
Since purchasing Monster Hunter Tri/3 back in April, I have burned up several hours of game-play on Rathian hunts.

Here's the video from the other night:

My online Monster Hunter name/code is Coffee/KKJ9F2.  If you have Monster Hunter Tri/3, and play online, feel free to look for me.  If you play often, send an email to when you sign into the game; and if I'm available, I will hop into the game so we can exchange codes and get added to each other's list.

If you play Monster Hunter Tri, what hunter rank are you; and approximately how many hours have you played the game?

I am HR15 now, and I have played about 55 hours.

If you are interested in Monster Hunter Tri/3 for the Nintendo Wii, and would like join in the monster hunting, you can see prices for the game listed on below:


  1. Hey, are you playing this weekend? I'd love to help get you up to HR18!
    I'm at 27 now, but I actually got there spending most of my time helping with lower ranked monsters. I've only done a handful of the 3* quests, and then only twice at the most.
    I'm having so much fun with this game. Take your time and enjoy it.

  2. If only I wasn't busy playing BlackLight, the game Mr. Coffee can't play for a few weeks due to a delay, I'd pick this up.

    Seriously Coffee, I'm considering it.

  3. Srry about the switch axe up swings at the end of the quest Coffee. I got carried away for minute.

  4. This video lacks hammers! I demand more hammers!

  5. I left my hammer in my other set of Rathalos armor.

  6. Lol Butch! You're lucky I didn't have my Greatsword to upswing you! And @ Snow MHTri doesn't force you to use Hammers as much as Unite did, so I kinda haven't upgraded any :X.

  7. @Chuckpebble:
    Sorry, not playing this weekend! Probably some during the week though.
    I think the "take your time" part with Monster Hunter is very true. I can't believe how fast people have leveled in the game!

    If BlackLight hadn't of been delayed on the PS3, we would both be playing it some. Though Monster Hunter Tri will still be played as well...I have MANY more ranks to go.

    @The Butcher:
    Uh huh...I almost edited it out, but wanted the other monsters that watch this to know how crazy you get! Attacking your own hunting party!

    Hammers are for constructing things I thought. :)

    You and your Monster Hunting many hours total have you played in both?

    Thank you all very much for the comments!


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