Thursday, March 4, 2010

Nintendo WiiWare FPS Games Data: Aliens vs. Waterguns?

In 2009, there were two FPS games released on Nintendo's WiiWare service.
Both WiiWare FPS games were released by Hudson Entertainment.

Onslaught was released on February 23, 2009, and was the first FPS game to be released on the WiiWare service.  Onslaught is available for 1000 Wii Points, which is the equivalent of $10.

Water Warfare was the second FPS game released by Hudson Entertainment on WiiWare.
Water Warfare released on June 29, 2009 and is available for 800 Wii Points, the equivalent of $8.

How much do Wii owners play WiiWare FPS games?
Take a look at the stats from two weeks worth of data:
(click image to enlarge)
(click image to enlarge)

Number of Players Reporting Data:
Onslaught has approximately 20,380 players reporting data on the Nintendo Channel.
Water Warfare has approximately 7,881 players reporting data.

Player Increase Over Last Week:
Onslaught had 152 more players reporting data this week, over last week.
Water Warfare had 135 more players reporting data this week.

"Total" Game-Play Hours Reported/Increased:
Onslaught had 99,778 Total Hours reported this week, an increase of 1,305 hours from last week.
Water Warfare had 60,943 total hours reported this week, an increase of 1,340 hours. Review Score Averages:
Onslaught has a 69.60% review score average based on five(5) reviews.
Water Warfare has a 72.60% review score average based also on five(5) reviews.

I don't own and haven't played either Onslaught or Water Warfare.  I do find it interesting though, that the only two FPS WiiWare games, both already have data reporting on the Nintendo Channel.
Onslaught and Water Warfare both offer online multi-player.
Onslaught offers a 2-4 players online co-operative play through the game's campaign.
Water Warfare offers up to eight(8) players in online battle matches, or local 2-player matches.

I think the online modes in both games have helped with the hours reported, and I'm glad to know Wii owners play FPS games, both retail and WiiWare.

If you've played Onslaught and/or Water Warfare would you recommend them to other Wii owners that enjoy FPS games?  If you've played both games, and somebody wants spend Wii Points on just one game, which one would you recommend more?

If you aren't familiar with either Onslaught or Water Warfare, you can view their trailers below(click HERE):


  1. I've downloaded and played both of these games. I would recommend Water Warfare over Onslaught as it has more options available to players. It' the more robust of the two games featuring more than just the campaign mode for multiplayer. It has death match, free for all, team death match and CTF.

    If you can look past the late N64, early Gamecube visuals, which aren't that bad it's a pretty decent shooter for $8.

  2. @Tony Miller:
    Does Water Warfare have a single-player campaign mode, or is the game multi-player only?

    Thanks for the comment!

  3. Water Warfare has a single player campaign, but plays more like a tutorial. It's only worth playing if you want to unlock the boss skins for online multiplayer.

    The online multiplayer is good, but vacant.

  4. James is right. There is a single player campaign, but it really is a series of simple missions that get you using slightly different styles of play. The multi player has bot play that's not bad if you can't get enough people together to play.

    It's a really good introduction to FPS's for younger people as well because it gives you all the action of the genre without all the violence. Not many people can object to people having a watergun fight. [=^)

  5. @James:
    It's interesting about the boss skins.

    @Tony Miller:
    Water Warfare's multi-player has a bot mode? If so, that's crazy for a WiiWare game!
    I wish more FPS games had a "bot" mode of sorts.

    Thanks to the both of you for the comments!

  6. i have onslaught and water warfare. Onslaught is extremely fun online as well as water warfare. I have played water warfare more than Onslaught. Water Warfare would appeal more to younger children than Onslaught

  7. @The Lego King:
    I can see the appeal of Water Warfare for children, I loved playing with Super Soakers growing up!

    Thanks for the comment!

  8. Onslaught is the better game unless you're looking solely for online deathmatch. Onslaught looks better, controls better, has a full campaign, unlockable weapon upgrades, and online coop. The only thing it doesn't have is deathmatch.

  9. @npbeer:
    Thanks for the feedback! I wonder if we'll be seeing a "sequel" of any sort for either of these games.

  10. can you have 2 players from one console play another friend online?? i cant seem to get it set up! help!? this is the reason I brought the game and would want a refund if I couldnt!!! grrrr


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