Saturday, March 20, 2010

Monster Hunter 3's Ironbeard McCullough: Questions Answered

Monster Hunter 3's Ironbeard McCullough

Have you ever wondered how a monster hunter travels?
Or perhaps you've seen a monster hunter carrying a weapon and thought, "I wonder what weapon he's carrying?"

The guy in the picture above, that's Ironbeard McCullough.  He's a monster hunter, and he's helping promote the game Monster Hunter 3.  You can check him out in videos on the Monster Hunter YouTube Channel.

I was curious as to Ironbeard's means of travel and his weapon in some of the videos, so I decided I would try and contact him.

Well, I was really surprised when I received an answer back!

I asked two questions:
"...I'm wondering what year/make your transportation is." 
"Also, what is the large weapon you have with you?  Is that a Switch Axe?"

Monster Hunter Ironbeard McCullough replied, "T' answer yer questions, I drive around in a 1971 Ford F-150. 'Twas the best I could afford, as most people in the States dunna accept zeni as payment.

And me weapon is a Great Sword which was forged from pieces of the Lagiacrus I hunted down."

He signed off thanking me for my "note", and said, "...I hope t' meet ya on the huntin' grounds one day!"

Here's hoping I can meet up with Ironbeard in Monster Hunter 3 as well!

A few weeks ago, I posted up a video and my impressions from playing the Monster Hunter 3 demo from Game Stop.  If you missed them,  you can click HERE to read them, and the link will be at the very bottom of this article as well.

If you could ask Monster Hunter Ironbeard McCullough a question, what would you ask him?
Do you plan on purchasing Monster Hunter 3 as of now?

If you're interested in Monster Hunter 3, take a look at's prices for Monster Hunter 3(game only), and for the Monster Hunter 3 Classic Controller Pro Bundle.


  1. Ironbeard is great. The demo and the two teaser trailer's I've seen have pretty much sold me on the game. The whole Ironbeard thing just makes me happy. Very cool. Ask him what his favorite blend of coffee is.
    Folger's Gourmet Supreme Dark Roast for me today. Mmm.

  2. Lol, epic. So funny how he talks all " ye' olden talk" while discussing a Ford. Haha

  3. @Nicodemus at Nite:
    I'm just hoping they continue with more videos.

    I'm glad to see Capcom being creative with the online advertising for the game. I am interested to know if they are planning any actual television commercials with Ironbeard.

    As for asking about his favorite coffee blend, I have actually asked, and I'm just waiting on a reply.

    I loved how the response was written out.

    Thanks for the comments!

  4. I hated this demo, but I LOVE these ads. My favorite is the one where he is calling the Deadliest Catch guys a bunch of pansies. Pretty hilarious. They are on the Nintendo Channel as well.

  5. @delawaregamer:
    Yea, the marketing for MH3, at online, is really well done.

    I hope they are creative like this with television commercials.


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