Thursday, March 25, 2010

Monster Hunter 3's Ironbeard McCullough: Questions Answered Part 2

Monster Hunter 3's Ironbeard McCullough

Almost two weeks ago, I asked some questions regarding Monster Hunter 3's Ironbeard McCullough, and was really surprised when he responded.
Last Saturday, March 20, 2010, I posted up the first set of Questions/Anwers.
I ended that post by asking, "If you could ask Monster Hunter Ironbeard McCullough a question, what would you ask him?"

Chuckpebble commented and said in part of his comment, "Ask him what his favorite blend of coffee is."

Well, I wrote up some questions, and sent them over again, not sure if I would get a second response or not.
Ironbeard McCullough replied again!

Here are two more Questions/Answers:

CwG Question:  "A reader of my blog is wondering if you drink coffee, and what your preferred type of coffee drink is?"

Ironbeard's reply:  "Coffee?  Normally I only drink that on early mornin's when I need t' wake up t' hunt beasties that only come out right before dawn.  During those times, though, I drink yer so-called "robusta" "espresso".  Really wakes ya up and puts hair on yer chest(and elsewhere).  And I dunna drink it in those mincy wee cups they usually serve it in.  I down the stuff straight out of me grog strein."

CwG Question:  "Will we see you in actual television commercials for the game?"

Ironbeard replied:  "Dunna if the powdered wigs at Capcom would let me say any specifics, but...lemme just say, dunna stop watchin' yer tele."

I would say television commercials are 100% confirmed for Monster Hunter 3, and it sounds like Ironbeard will be in them.  I think Capcom is doing a really good job, making the YouTube videos interesting and funny. I wonder what approach they'll take for the television ads, or if they'll be the same clips as the YouTube videos, just shortened up.

Also, since Tuesday of this week, I've been noticing Monster Hunter 3 advertisements on a lot of the gaming websites I visit.  Here's one I grabbed a screenshot of:

On the coffee question, Ironbeard is a more hardcore coffee drinker than myself, since he's drinking espresso straight from his, "grog strein".

Have you noticed any of the Monster Hunter 3 online advertisements yet?
Have you seen the newest Monster Hunter 3 video with Ironbeard McCullough in it?
If not, I'm including it here:

What do you think about it?

If you're interested in Monster Hunter 3, you can see's prices for both bundles here:


  1. Hate the game....LOVE that guy. Now I want a campy Monster Hunter movie.

  2. This guy's great.

    So instead of shots of espresso, he drinks it by the stein. That's hard core.

    They need to schedule events where you can actually play the game with him. I don't even care if he's not really playing and its just him talking over wiispeak, that would be pretty cool.

    I agree with DEgamer in one aspect, I think people's minds are already made up about the game if they've played the demo, McCullough can't change that. Personally, I liked it.

    Wii need more demos and marketing like this!

  3. @delawaregamer:
    At least you enjoy the ads. It would probably be a lot worse if you hated your play-time with the demo AND hated these commercials(or ads).

    "They need to schedule events where you can actually play the game with him. I don't even care if he's not really playing and its just him talking over wiispeak, that would be pretty cool."
    This is a great idea. Ironbeard wouldn't even necessarily be playing, just talking smack to the monsters in the game over Wii Speak.

    "Wii need more demos and marketing like this!"
    I agree, I think I've got some proof the demo has helped also.

    Thanks for the comments!


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