Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Red Steel 2 and Monster Hunter 3: Spokesmen

Red Steel 2 releases today, March 23, 2010, for the Wii.
It's the first FPS type game, that requires the WM+ accessory to play the game.
Monster Hunter 3 will release on the Wii on April 20, 2010.
The Classic Controller Pro will be releases simultaneously in North America, with Monster Hunter 3.

Jason VandenBerghe pictured on the left, I would say is known as Red Steel 2's spokesman.
Ironbeard McCullough pictured on the right, I would say is becoming known as Monster Hunter 3's "spokesman" of sorts.

Here's a brief "comparison" of the two:
                               Jason VandenBerghe    Ironbeard McCullough
                                    for Red Steel 2:         for Monster Hunter 3:

Means of Travel:             Airplanes                   1971 Ford F-150

Target Audience
When Talking                 Gaming Press            College Students
About the Game:

Notable Items:                Walking Cane              Great Sword

Hair:                                     Lots                              Lots

1)  Do you think the "Target Audience" that Jason and Ironbeard are talking about their games with, will have an impact on the sales of the games?  
2)  Do you think either company, Ubisoft or Capcom, has chosen a better "spokeman" and means of talking about each game?

3)  Also, being that Red Steel 2 is being released today, do you plan on picking it up?

As always, if you're interested in either game, you can see them on Amazon.com below:


  1. I think that both individuals were good moves on behalf of their respective games. Ironbeard is just too damn funny and Capcom needs to get him on TV. As for Jason, I love hearing him talk about RS2. He is pasionate, articulate and clearly communicates the decisions that were made on RS2 and why including the controversial lack of 1-to-1 sword control to which he said "how good are you with a sword? You know what we found, we suck!".

    As for impacting sales, I don't think so. JV is speaking to gaming media and getting quotes and interviews out to gaming fans. But if you frequent just about any other site, the Wii has been totally written off as a crap/casual/toy device that is incapable of producing games worth playing at all. So the audience he is targeting has long forgotten the Wii and actually wear their lack of playing the Wii as a badge of honor.

    As a side rant, this attitude isn't hurting the Wii, they have sold 60 million units. It hasn't hurt Nintendo, SMG, Wii Fit, Wii Play, Zelda TP and NSMBW has sold rediculous amounts of software. So while casual sales have gone up, the hardcore player will still to buy Nintendo software. So their anti-Wii attitude only hurts Grasshopper, Ubisoft, Capcom and EA who (do differing degrees) have actually tried to bring good core games to the Wii. GOOD JOB FANBOYS!!

    3) I have my copy of Red Steel 2 in my grubby-caffine-hopped-up hands!!

  2. As a side note: Anyone planning to buy Red Steel 2, I HIGHLY recommend you go to your local Costco to pick it up. I went out today and purchased my copy at Costco because of a $27 rewards certificate I had. First off the price of the bundled copy is $53.79, so more than $6 off the price of Gamestop, but if that wasn't good enough, my bundle includes Red Steel 2, Wii Motion Plus AND a copy of Red Steel 1 for free.

    I have to say that is a damn good deal and watned to pass that along to the CWG community.

  3. @delawaregamer:
    Thanks for the information about Red Steel 2 at Costco!
    I think it's awesome they included the first Red Steel in it. If you haven't played it, I think you may be surprised by it, though the controls shouldn't be as responsive as Red Steel 2's.

    I've got a post about Red Steel 1, coming either later today, or tomorrow.

  4. I am actually real excited for RS 1. I had no plans to get the game as it was universally panned originally, however I have heard people come around to it. Basically with proper expectations, it is a good game. I plan to play it for sure.

    For readers that might not want or have already played RS1, it is an Individually sealed copy, so you should be able to find a Wal-mart/Gamestop or somewhere to trade it in for credit. That makes it worth $10-20 alone right there.

  5. I picked up RS1 and NMH1 as a bundle at Gamestop for $ 30.00 about eight months ago, I guess. So worth it. I probably wouldn't have bought either one otherwise. Consequently, I bought both sequels day one. I heard Sega is doing a similiar
    bundle with Madworld, Hod overkill, and something else.. This is a great idea to clear inventory and maybe hook new fans, while boosting sales.
    I also bought Link's crossbow training, used for three dollars, Mercury Meltdown for ten and
    Spyborgs for ten. There are a lot of good deals out there. Does anyone think a Boom blox collection would be feasible? I already have both, but if it would sell more copies, great. Same for Excitetruck/Excitebots.


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