Friday, February 5, 2010

Wii HD Confirmed via The Grinder!?

A few days ago I was browsing, when I saw a "rumor" posted up from reported it, saying, "Developers are already working on a 'new Nintendo platform' ahead of a possible reveal at this year's Game Developers Conference..."

Well, I'm thinking we received confirmation of the new Wii HD platform, without even knowing it.

On May 26, 2009, revealed The Grinder to the gaming world.  In the first paragraph, Matt Casamassina said, "We think you're going to want to move this extraordinary Wii-exclusive to the tops of your must-have lists."(emphasis added on Wii-exclusive)
During the interview about The Grinder, IGN asked about the game's release, and Eric Nofsinger of HVS said, "The goal is holiday 2010 and our projects tend to ship on time more often than not!"

Earlier today, IGN revealed in an interview with HVS, that The Grinder is no longer a Wii-exclusive.
When asked if HVS was keeping The Grinder a Wii exclusive, HVS's CEO Kerry Ganofsky said, "Our secret is out! Grinder is no longer a Wii exclusive. We plan to ship on Xbox 360, Sony PS3, and PC as well."

I know my reaction, as well as many others was, "What?  Why?"
I was more surprised by the delay of the game, being pushed to Halloween 2011, than I was that it's going multi-platform.

Going back to that "rumor" now.  In's article, an employee from a large publisher was quoted as saying, "Just heard a rumour that you may be interested in: Nintendo are going to announce a new platform at GDC. Some devs have already started work on it."(emphasis added)

If some developers are already working on Nintendo's next system, I think one will be confirmed as High Voltage Software, and The Grinder will be their debut game on the "Wii HD" system.  Why do I think this?

From the interview today with, just look at a few of these lines:
Eric Nofsinger said, "...when we come out with another announcement for Grinder around GDC we want to ensure it blows your socks off!"
Would the announcement of it being multi-platform blow off socks?  Perhaps.  Many gamers have been very vocal about the news today.
I think that an announcement of it being one of the first Wii HD games would blow off even more socks.

Matt then asked about more bump-mapping and "awesome projected shadows" in the new video.
Kerry Ganofsky replied, "We have some new announcements coming soon that leverage these improvements such as better lighting options."
What new announcements would leverage those improvements more than a new console?
If the engine had been upgraded, why wouldn't they just say, "Quantum 3 is the reason it looks better", instead of saying, "We have some new announcements...that leverage these improvements..."
I think that screams the game is going to be running on HD consoles across the board, including the "Wii HD".

Why would HVS delay The Grinder on the Wii, if not for the sole purpose of waiting on the Wii HD?
If it was just a regular Wii version, it could be released 2010 like they originally planned, and then they could release the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC versions later.
Kerry Ganofsky said, "...higher resolution art content needs to be created which takes a bit longer than our previous games."
Unless the Quantum 3 engine has been extremely upgraded for the Wii, I don't see why the Wii version would be delayed for "...higher resolution art content...".

Once GDC arrives, we'll know for sure.
I'm making a "prediction" now: The Grinder will be on the Wii HD(whatever the name will be!), not the current Wii.

Do you think this confirms the Wii HD?  Or do you think The Grinder will be on the current Wii?


  1. Yes, i do! My thoughts exactly when i heard the announcement.

  2. Ooooh, exciting! Still classifying this as speculation, but exciting none the less.

  3. I think so. But leaves fairly new Wii Owners like myself a little salty. By the time the Wii HD comes out, PS4 and Xbox720 will be announced and here by 2011. Wii HD will only be out for a year, still technologically far behind the other consoles.

  4. While the evidence is convincing I kinda don't want a WiiHD right now for the simple reason of the cost of the upgrade. If I can trade in my wii for an upgrade I would do so but I don't know if very many people would be willing to do that though.

  5. @Anonymous:
    Thanks for the comment. Glad to know I'm not sitting alone on this thought!

    @Thaddeus Venture:
    Definitely speculation, or analyzing, of the comments in the interview, with the rumor already out.

    @Nicodemus at Nite:
    There was another rumor or speculation(I can't recall exactly), that said Nintendo was working on ideas for a "trade-in" or "swapping" system for current Wii owners for the new system. It'll definitely be interesting.

    My comment at Nicodemus at Nite, kind of goes with yours as well.
    I wonder if they're planning a dual console market. Kind of like Microsoft.
    Wii HD for $250, regular Wii for $150?
    The main thing would be a way to transfer VC console games/wiiware games, which is possible from one Wii system to the just requires Nintendo doing it currently.

    Thanks everybody for the comments!

  6. Without some kind of swap system, Wii HD will make many people sad, including myself. But where every old Wii then goes O_o.

    VC/Wiiware tranfer could work with SD card somehow, but that probably just opens new holes for piracy :S.

  7. @Mad Mac:
    Right now, if a Wii owner sends their Wii off for repair, and they receive a different Wii console back, Nintendo can transfer all their VC/WiiWare games to the new console. So that is possible, I'm wondering if Nintendo is working on an Xbox Live/PSN type setup, where it will be easily transferable.

  8. @Mad Mac:
    Also, thanks for the comment!

  9. Very interesting thoughts. Now I'm wondering too. It probably won't be a new console considering that Zelda is still coming out, but like many have said, would Nintendo really just do a HD capabilities for the Wii? Then again, maybe they could do that, release a Wiimote with M+ built in, along with a M+ Nunchuk and finally some brand new online capabilities. Looking forward to GDC, but no one should count on it as it is almost wishful thinking.

  10. Iwata just said in an investors meeting that there is no Wii HD and that "he doesnt know where the rumors started from"

    Who knows? But I doubt Nintendo will release a new console when they are the market leader. They are going to ride the Wii out as much as they can.

  11. @Anonymous from 4:53pm:
    Yea, the Wii Remote with WM+ built in, already exists. Which I think will be the standard controller in the "Wii HD" or whatever it's named.

    @Anonymous from 1:08am:
    Did that just happen like a few minutes/hours ago?

    Nintendo always uses the "we don't comment on rumors" line, so he can deny it all day long.

    Thanks for the comments from the both of you!

  12. Meh, I just want to get rid of friend codes =P.
    That said, this will be awesome if it happens.
    I just better not have to buy a new console!

  13. They deny it because they want to max out sales for the current Wii. If you have knowledge of a better system, that will be availeble soon you won't go for the less advanced system. Just my thoughts...

  14. @coffeewithgames do you guys actually talk to nintendo?
    i want to let nintendo know its time to do away with FriendCodes. if we can create a type of "nintendo wifi account" like ps3 and 360 has then it will let us go to other wii/wiiHD consoles and "log in" so we can download our previously BOUGHT wiiware. if the nintendo wifi account can hold only 1 wii and 1 wiiHD(or probably just one system) at a time so if i get a wiiHD i can log on, go to the wii shop channel and then go to "titles you've downloaded" and download them back on your WiiHD. but lets say i go to my friends house and log on to his wii with my account, i wont be able to download my titles on his wii because the online i connected to my specific wii so it wont allow me to. but i can still find my friends and play online games tho. its kind of like mario kart ds. have you ever played online with your ds then tried to connect online with another ds? it will say something like "the wifi ID does not match the ID of the DS do you want to sync mario cart ds to this ds? if so everything will be erased"
    thats how nintendo wifi accounts should work synced up to one system for use of the wii shop channel, and if you want to sync it to the new wii then you will have to do that on the wii its synced up to, or just something really long and a pain to do, so people wont do it often to get free downloads from a friend. hey its better then not being able to get any of your purchases at all

  15. @Michael:
    I agree 100%. Friend codes need to go the way of the Virtual Boy.

    @Anonymous from Feb. 17, 2010 10:24AM:
    Yea, they're probably making close to $100 per Wii that is sold right now, so I wouldn't want to rush to the next console either if I were them.

    No, I don't speak directly with them. I have let certain people that work for Nintendo though, that friend codes need to vanish and the system needs changing.
    It currently is possible for NINTENDO to transfer Virtual Console/WiiWare titles to new Wiis, but not for consumers to do so.

    I'm guessing Nintendo is working on an easy sync and trade system, but I don't know.

    Either way, it's going to be interesting to see when/if they announce their new system and how they approach the online gaming portion of it.

    Thanks to you all for the comments!


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