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Sonic and the Secret Rings, how much has it been played? Official Nintendo Channel data report

Coffee Beans
On May 17th, Nintendo announced they had made a deal with SEGA securing the release of the next Sonic the Hedgehog title, known as Sonic Lost World, as an exclusive title for the Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo 3DS systems. Sonic Lost World is said to be an "action platforming" game, which makes it the first Wii U Sonic game in that genre. Before looking forward at the Wii U's first Sonic action platforming game though, let's take a look at the Wii's first action platforming Sonic game that was released over 6 years ago now.

Sonic and the Secret Rings was Sonic's first retail outing on the Wii in the "action platforming" genre, the first of many though. The game was developed by SEGA of America, and released for the Wii on February 20, 2007. It received an ESRB rating of "EVERYONE" with "Cartoon Violence" listed as content for parents and gamers to be aware of.

If you own a Wii, or even a Wii U, you can find Sonic and the Secret Rings for under $20 now if you're interested in the game. How many hours can you expect from Sonic's first action platforming Wii game though? Brew yourself some coffee, and let's take a look at the official U.S. Wii Nintendo Channel data to get an idea!

The Brew
Sonic and the Secret Rings has approximately 707,727 U.S. Wii owners who have 9,108,257 Total Hours of game-play reported, with about 2,295 days reported. U.S. Wii owners have averaged a total of 12 Hours 52 Minutes "Per person" of play time with the game, which averages out to be about 1 Hour 25 Minutes played per time reported. So on average, Wii owners spend about an hour-and-a-half with the game each time they sit down to play it.
How many hours have you played?
How does Sonic and the Secret Rings' hours "Per person" compare to the other Sonic Wii games? Well, its average reported is actually the lowest out of all the retail Wii Sonic games in the "action" genre. It's lower than Sonic and the Black Knight, Sonic Colors, and Sonic Unleashed.

What about critic and customer reviews for the game? Its "professional" critic review score average is 70.71%, based on 51 reviews on The customer review score average is currently a 62.72%, based on 125 reviews from

Caffeinated Thoughts
The last Sonic game I purchased in the action platforming genre was Sonic Adventure, and I did purchase Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed for our Wii U this last December, and I have enjoyed my time with that game. I was a fan of Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast and really liked the game (could be nostalgia, but I enjoyed it for a number of reasons, one being the VMU usage).

While we have looked at the reported Wii data for several Sonic games over the last few years (herehereherehere, and here), this is the first report on Sonic and the Secret Rings, partly because of the recent Sonic Lost World Wii U news. If you haven't seen anything on Sonic Lost World since it was announced, here is the reveal trailer for the game:

I am definitely interested to see how this game turns out, especially with Nintendo getting behind it enough to make it an exclusive for the Wii U and 3DS when it releases. I like the brightness and colors of the game seen in the trailer, as it somewhat reminds me of Sonic Adventures. Also, seeing what looks to be 2D/3D gameplay elements mixed together, has me interested to see how it all fits together.

Now, will Sonic Lost World remain as an exclusive for the Wii U and 3DS at least until a Wii U successor releases from Nintendo, or will it just be an "exclusive" for a limited time like other games have been in the past? I think that remains to be seen, but either way, I hope it turns out to be a great Sonic game. Also, for the sake of the game, hopefully it has a release date that is sooner than expected (June or July would be nice), and releases at least 2 months before the first 3D Mario Wii U title, so that it's not competing against it for sales right away.

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If you played Sonic and the Secret Rings, what did you think about the game? Would you recommend it to Wii or even Wii U owners who might be interested in picking up a cheap Sonic game until Sonic Lost World releases?

If you consider yourself a Sonic fan (or, even perhaps not), are you excited about Sonic Lost World from what you have seen and looking forward to learning more about the game?

You can buy Sonic and the Secret Rings from below, as well as pre-order Sonic Lost World for the Wii U and 3DS:


  1. It's actually a lot of fun! There are some flaws and frustrating bits, but overall it's a really good game.

  2. Thanks for the comment, and stopping by!

  3. Sonic... I mentioned this over on DD, but this is a series that has seen its ups and downs in my family. I played the first few way back on Sega Genesis, but didn't play one again for ages. Then my kids got hooked on a Dreamcast one and my younger two watched the show and played a lot of the games. However, the last 3 or 4 Sonic games, they haven't shown any interest in. Now all of a sudden, the upcoming Wii U/3DS one has my son wanting to pick it up for his 3DS. This one however? Never got played by us.

  4. Well, considering you will be able to get a Wii U, Sonic, and at least 2 additional games for the price of the Xbox One, just remember my NNID is Coffees. :)

    Thanks for the feedback!

  5. Iiiiiiiii think the PS4 is going to win out for the immediate future. Won't rule out a Wii U at a future date though either.

  6. I hear Nintendo is going to "upgrade" the Wii U, where you gain the benefit of paying them a monthly fee to play games online. Then look straight at the camera, and tell us they are about the games/gamers.

    Also, I have heard Nintendo is about to buy the NFL contract out from under EA, and team Mario up with the NFL (and the MLB, since they do have ties to the Seattle Mariners).

    *These non-consumer thinking consumers, loving paying for monthly services!

    Thanks for the comment!

  7. I'd be all about Mario in the NFL, just sayin'... hehe

  8. I love the idea of the Sonic Storybook series and think its a shame it ended only after two games, even though I honestly didn't like either of them that much, but the idea was solid! I always thought that The Wizard of Oz would make for a great setting in this series (Running down the yellow brick road and what not!).

    If someone wanted to hold themselves over until Sonic Lost Worlds I'd much rather recommend a more traditional 3D Sonic like Colors or heck even Unleashed, the Wii version wasn't as bad.

    I liked a lot of what Secret Rings and Black Knight tried to do, but over all I thought the gameplay just wasn't very fun.

    But it had a lot of cool characters/villains/enemies.

    I'm absolutely excited for Sonic Lost World. The game looks absolutely stunning (all those colors!)! I really like how it looks to be an interesting blend of old and new styles. It features a lot of classic enemies and stage themes but offers a more modern Sonic gameplay style.

    I've been a fan of Sonic for many years now and I've stuck by him during his darkest hours but ever since Colors I think the series is back on the rails to success.

  9. I agree about the look of Sonic Lost World. It has a very nice, vibrant, graphical/art style. It seems to really "pop" in pictures and even a few of the videos I have seen of it. The Wizard of Oz setting with the yellow brick road does seem like it could be an awesome setting, even if for one level (like Rainbow Road).

    Thanks for the comment and feedback!


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