Saturday, June 29, 2013

Dear Nintendo of America...

Coffee Beans
Do you see that image above? It's an image Nintendo of America just included in an email to everybody signed up to receive promotional emails from them, and this email was specifically for the Wii U. It is titled, "Wii U Games, offers, and news for you", and I'm glad to see Nintendo of America actually promoting the Wii U. There's just one problem I have with it...

Do you see what is wrong with that image above? If not, take a look at the image below, as it currently appears on their Club Nintendo site, and see if you can spot it (same exact spot).
Why don't they like the Y button?

Now take a look at the image below that I have edited in an attempt to fix the one(s) above, using sub-$100 photo editing software. This is how the image should appear.
As it should appear, unless they're trying to promote the GamePad with a 3D display like the 3DS?

I'm not a billion dollar corporation. I don't blog for a living. I'm not a professional photo editor, have never taken an art course, and am pretty slow when it comes to editing basic things in Photoshop. BUT, the fact I spotted that image error, makes me wonder how quickly they throw things together at Nintendo of America without proofreading them?

 Perhaps, just perhaps, the employee(s) who edited it and put the email together just didn't have enough coffee during the day? THAT, I can understand (sort of).

So, in short:
"Dear Nintendo of America,

Please fix the first image above as it is currently seen on the Club Nintendo site (, and please proofread emails and double check images before possibly sending them out to millions of Nintendo fans.


Did anybody else, perhaps non-artist or non-graphic designer like myself, notice that error in the image? Would anybody like to donate me a few billion dollars?

Here is a newer version of the software I used to fix Nintendo of America's bad Wii U GamePad image:


  1. sorry I dont get it, what's wrong with the image?

  2. i dont see it either. if you really do send it to noa, you might want to be more descriptive.

  3. Yeah, that's it! How the image on the GamePad screen comes off of the GamePad screen, partially covering up the Y button.

    I hope the person that did it, can spot it easily.

    Thanks for the comment and feedback!

  4. Oooooh! Ok see it now

  5. Yeah, the background image also changes from one image to the next, with the bush disappearing from the email image, to the one on the site.

    I just find it odd the mistake apparently got past the photo editor (I can understand, editing so many photos), but then also the person that sent the email, and possibly another employee that uploaded it to the site? Perhaps it was just one employee that did it all, and it was simply a lack of coffee and sleep that caused it to slip by...

    Thanks for the comment and feedback!

  6. Indulging in a bit of OCD behaviour today, Mr. Coffee? :P

  7. LOL! Very much so. I mean, if I spend hours editing data images to make nothing, and not for main source of income, I expect more than this...

    BUT it is NOA, and as you know, I think they have some very serious issues already with their Wii U marketing/advertising/promotions/operations side of things. This is just another strike, and it baffles me.

  8. ROFL - nice catch. I didn't get that obviously, but I'm not sure if I'd have noticed it if you hadn't made a past about it. That said, as soon as I knew I was looking for 'something wrong' - I spotted it immediate. The newest things in touch screens! One of your buttons is now part of the screen. It's a FEATURE! :)

  9. It's been like this for 60+ hours now. STILL on the site. THEY even tweeted out the link, that led to the site image above...NEARLY HALF A MILLION people following them on Twitter.

    I mean, at some point, you gotta correct things after they have been pointed out, right? Then again, when some of us were questioning their Wii U launch ads, apparently our questions were never raised to/by anybody at NOA before launching the system? I just wish I could find out what bubble they live at NOA, and perhaps buy one, because Bean 1 loves bubbles!

    I totally forgot about buttons being ON the touch screens, like Mutant Mudds iOS! DO you think, perhaps, maybe, THIS IS A LEAKED REDESIGN!?!?

    They're making the screen bigger on the GamePad, getting rid of the buttons, and it will be called, "The Wii U XL, with a 90% larger GamePad screen...and NO PHYSICAL BUTTONS!"?

  10. What if I told you, I own that next-gen controller already?! IT'S OFFICIALLY LEAKED!!!!!!!!!

    My neighbor actually gave me one of those a few months back. Oh, an don't blame almost losing your coffee all over the monitor on something I wrote. I don't have a legal disclaimer for that...

    *goes to make one :)

  11. I didn't even notice it either until reading this article.

    As someone who works with media (albeit, moving media and not still images :P) stuff like this is easily missed all the time. But the fact that there was no one there to double check is the hilarious part.

    Stuff like this doesn't irk me at all, it gives me a good laugh! Whether its a billion, million, or hundred thousand dollar company stuff like this happens, and the best thing to do is just chuckle and fix it. And give the dude/dudette who designed it a stern talking to. Probably an intern :P.

  12. "But the fact that there was no one there to double check before going live is the hilarious part."

    Yeah, I just wonder how many missed it? Was it only one person that did everything? Edit the photo, put the email together, upload the photo to the website, email it out, and tweet it out?

    In this day and age of 24/7 media, I'm still surprised this not only went up, but then stayed up for 60+ hours.

    As for,"As someone who works with media (albeit, moving media"

    Would that be like TV/commercials type media (you can email me,, if you don't want to answer it!)? The reason I ask, is that I really enjoy video editing and I miss little things all the time doing video editing. "You mean, I spent 20+ hours editing this video, and MISSED that!?"

    As for it possibly being an intern, I hope that it was a paid intern, for Nintendo's sake...not sure if you have seen the recent news on unpaid interns. LOTS of lawsuits being filed now.

    Thanks for the comment and feedback!

  13. Nah I don't mind! Right now I'm not working on anything TV/commercial related, mostly just doing freelance work right now, but a few of those jobs have been for ads that ended up on the internet.

    And yeah, I hope it was a paid intern as well! I graduated from college last summer and my last quarter I had to do an internship, most of them were unpaid but a few people got lucky.

    Thankfully the work wasn't TOO strenuous though and I never worked obscene hours. But paid internships should really be the norm.

  14. Never noticed that either until you pointed it out. Yeah, this seems like a rush job just to get an image in the e-mail/webpage.


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