Friday, November 4, 2011

The Winner of Some Ed Hardy Energy Snacks Is...

Coffee Beans
     Last week, on October 25, I posted my review for some Ed Hardy Energy Snacks I had tried.  You can read my review of the Ed Hardy Energy Snacks HERE.
     I used the Ed Hardy Energy Snacks to go 48+ hours without coffee, because I wanted to see if the Ed Hardy Energy Snacks really worked, and if they could keep me alert and energized like coffee does.
     In my typical post fashion, I broke it up into four different sections and ended it with the "Question" section.  The very first question I asked was, "Would you like to try Ed Hardy Energy Snacks?"  I said if you did to simply reply in the comments with, "I want Ed Hardy Energy Snacks more than my coffee!".
     Well, the contest ended Tuesday night, and who won the Ed Hardy Energy Snacks giveaway?

     Congratulations to Charlie, of, who won the giveaway.  I let Charlie know last night that he won, and his package of Ed Hardy Energy Snacks will be mailed shortly.
     Will the Ed Hardy Energy Snacks help provide Charlie with the energy and alertness he needs to survive his daily routines?  Perhaps we will find out from Charlie himself one day.

Caffeinated Thoughts
     A big thinks to Charlie for entering, and I hope you enjoy the Energy Snacks.  If you missed entering this giveaway, there will be another Ed Hardy Energy Snacks giveaway in the very near future, so stay tuned.


  1. Very cool - congrats Charlie! :) And enjoy your newfound need for less sleep. :)

  2. Thanks @Coffee. It's all a conspiracy though. I mail you coffee and I conveniently win the contest. *SHADES*

    I kid, I kid.

    Thanks, can't wait to try them out.

  3. Congrats! Even though snacks instead of coffee is just wrong.

  4. @Charlie:
    Haha. Considering the coffees mailed, versus your winning giveaways, the results aren't THAT obvious!

    But one of them is "Coffee Rocks" coffee is in the name and the ingredients!

  5. Ok ok, the coffee rocks are excused. :)

  6. Hey, I'll happily take their Chocolate Rocks !!!



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