Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Our fridge stuffed with Thanksgiving dinner!
Coffee Beans
     Happy Thanksgiving! The day has been pretty relaxing so far. It started off with a few cups of Yuban coffee this morning, followed by some great eating. Mrs. Coffee cooked us some great food earlier today, the dishes were:
     1) Turkey
     2) Cornbread dressing
     3) Eggplant, zucchini casserole
     4) Baked macaroni and cheese
     5) Cranberry sauce
     6) Rolls
     7) Apple pie

     After eating, our oldest son and I went into our backyard for almost an hour, and he ran around collecting rocks from one side of the yard, and throwing them to the other side. He even created "rock slides", by picking some up and dropping them down his slide. A new meaning to the term, "rock slide".
     Soon it was his nap time, and I followed his example by passing out for about an hour.
     I just made another pot of Yuban coffee, and am enjoying my first cup as I type this.  Later tonight will be some video game play-time, then bed, before heading into the crazy work world tomorrow!

     I hope you all have had a great Thanksgiving, and just a great day in general, and hopefully you all have been able to find some time to relax today. Do any of you plan on leaving soon, or perhaps you already have, to go shopping for some deals?


  1. sounds like a good relaxing Thanksgiving for you. I'm posting a bit (week) late here, but I pretty much avoided blogs and most websites during the time off. :)

    We had quite a bit of food (but my wife and I do have 3 kids - 2 of which are teens, so food goes fast. Leftovers were gone by Monday).

    We relaxed quite a bit earlier in that day (except for my cooking) - but that night my wife and I did black friday shopping, and continued through most of Friday doing the same. Sat and Sun were solid though - just a lot of gaming and sleeping. :)


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