Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wal-Mart's Black Friday Ad Revealed - Video Games Page

Coffee Beans
     Wal-Mart just released their Black Friday ad, so shoppers can start sitting in lines now!  Okay, maybe not now.  Shoppers can start planning on what they are interested in though.
     Take a look at the image below that shows some video game deals Wal-Mart will be offering.

Filtered Thoughts
     Seeing the PlayStation 3 bundled with two games for under $200 I think is a great deal, and the Wii console being under $100 will probably do extremely well also.  Being that I don't own an Xbox 360, I would have been more interested in seeing the Arcade version discounted down around $150, and perhaps with a game or two bundled in.
     As for the video games being offered, Shaun White Skateboarding for only $10 on the Wii stood out to me, because of the Balance Board controls the game has and the fact I have enjoyed my time with Shaun White Snowboarding: Road Trip.

     Do you see any video game deals that you won't be able to pass up, and perhaps you are reading this on your iPhone while driving to Wal-Mart right now with your sleeping bag and tent?
     If you already own a lot of the games shown, are there any you would really recommend others picking up at the discounted prices?


  1. Nothing here we can't live without (of course, we have quite a few games already) - but that said I know my son's been eying Infamous 2 for awhile, so that one's possible, and my youngest has wanted Epic Mickey for awhile, so there's a chance we'll pick up a few games that day

  2. The worthwhile games are probably (from top to bottom) Bioshock, Heavy Rain, God of War 3, the Lego games, Battlefield 3, and Gears of War 3. Some of them I couldn't make out in the picture, though.

  3. Batman Arkham City at $28 only a couple of weeks after release? I may have to break down and grab that one.

  4. @1:
    I have heard a lot of good about Bioshock, and its sequel, and the new game for the series looks very interesting I think.

    Yea, seeing Batman: Arkham City and Battlefield 3 under $30 basically a month after release is really tempting, but my backlog says, "Hello." everytime I see a new game!

    Thank you both for commenting/leaving feedback on the titles shown!


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