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The Wii's Last Fatality - Mortal Kombat Armageddon

Coffee Beans:
     Mortal Kombat Armageddon was released almost 4 years ago now, on May 29, 2007 for the Wii.  The game had a MSRP of $49.99 when it first released, and was rated "Mature" by the ESRB, with "Blood and Gore, Intense Violence" listed as content for parents to be aware of.

     Mortal Kombat Armageddon was developed by Just Games Interactive(now Kung Fu Factory), and published by Midway Games(now bankrupt/out-of-business).

     How many hours have Wii owners reported, possibly attempting fatalities, playing Mortal Kombat Armageddon with 1,421 days of game-play reported, before Mortal Kombat's release this past Tuesday on the PS3 and Xbox 360?  Let's take a look!

Hours shown are for United States of America Wii owners, not world-wide.

Approx. Number of Players Having Reported Data:
     Mortal Kombat Armageddon has 94,531 Wii owners that have reported game-play data through the Wii's Nintendo Channel.

Average & Total Game-Play Hours:
     Mortal Kombat Armageddon has 1,584,114 Total Hours of game-play reported, with an average play-time of 16 Hours 45 Minutes "Per person".
     Mortal Kombat Armageddon's average play-time per session is just over 1 Hour 44 Minutes.

Sale Rank & Advertised Price:
     Mortal Kombat Armageddon's sale rank is #749, and it is currently selling for $15.02.
     (Sale rank and price recorded around 12:45 PM on April 22, 2011)

Review Score Averages:
     Mortal Kombat Armageddon's "professional" review score average is 72.49%, based on 34 reviews on

     The game has a 4 out 5 Stars rating on, based on 48 customer reviews.
     When converted to a 100% review scale, Mortal Kombat Armageddon's customer review scores average is 80.41%.  You can see the Stars rating breakdown in the image below:
     (Review score averages recorded around 12:45PM, on April 22, 2011)

Filtered Thoughts:
     While I haven't played Mortal Kombat Armageddon, I remembered seeing a trailer for the game showing off how the motion controls worked in it, and Ed Boon was the one showing how the moves are done with the Wii Remote and Nunchuk.  If fatalities via motion controls sound interesting, you can see a little bit in the video below:

     While Midway Games is no more, their games/franchises are finding new life at other studios.  Warner Bros. Interactive is the studio that now owns the Mortal Kombat name/franchise, and as I stated in the "Coffee Beans" section, Mortal Kombat released this past Tuesday on the PS3 and Xbox 360, which is a new game for the series.
     I am surprised that Warner Bros. didn't port the new Mortal Kombat game to the Wii.  With a Wii install base of more than 30 million in North America alone, and the fact that Wii owners have supported more recent fighting games, e.g. Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars; I thought it would make some sense to port it over.

     As for the reported data, I think having more than a million hours reported by a game with no online aspect, is really good.  Sure, the game doesn't have hours compared to some other fighting game on the Wii, but I don't think anybody would expect it compared to that one.
     Also, seeing the game in's "Top 1,000"(yes, I made that category up), does make me think the Mortal Kombat Armageddon perhaps is getting a slight sales boost from Mortal Kombat releasing on the PS3 and Xbox 360 this week.

     For now, if you're looking to perform any fatalities on the Wii, you'll have to look back at Nintendo's last(and only) retail Mortal Kombat game, Mortal Kombat Armageddon.

     Have any of you played Mortal Kombat Armageddon on the Wii, and if so, what did you think of the game's motion controls?
     If you played Mortal Kombat Armageddon, and you picked up the new Mortal Kombat, did Armageddon have anything you wish the new one did, but perhaps doesn't?

If any of you are interested in Mortal Kombat Armageddon, or the new Mortal Kombat, you can see prices for them on linked below:


  1. I use to love this game back when it first came out.I owned the ps2 version,and the wii version,though there was no big difference between the two,the wii stood out more because of its motion controls and extra character.

    If,I could rate this game for wii,it would get a 9 out of 10.The motion controls weren't flawless,but they made every thing work with the wii mote.
    They tied your punch and kick buttons to the Dpad and your special moves through holding down B and using motion controls like;hold b then do a back and forth motion,release B and you would get scorpions spear.

    I wished I had a job to own this again also dbz tk3 two of wii's best fighters.

  2. also the wii version had extra things like,being able to lay flat on your back and roll.

    ps:kombat racing was more fun with the wii mote side ways

  3. @Dw:
    Thanks for the feedback! When I saw this game on Amazon for under $20, and the amount of fighters it had in was really tempting to hit the "Add to Cart" button.

    It sounds like the motion controls worked pretty well, which is really awesome considering the game released before WM+ did.

    I saw Kombat Racing in the description for the game, and I LOLed at it...just because it sounds like it could be really crazy.

    BTW, did you find the inclusion of the "roll" and "laying" in the Wii version to really change the way some matches were approached?

    Thanks again for the comments/feedback, I appreaciate it!
    If you, or anybody else is looking for the Red Steel giveaway link, you can find it Right HERE!
    Or, copy/paste this link:

  4. Yah it actually did.It's actually in the new MK9.When knocked down,you have two opiton "lay" down or get up,if you stay down you can pull mind games such as;not doing any thing or do get up and do a surprise attack.

    Kombat racing is fun,its kinda like adult Mario kart.The different things you can do on there was fun,they had stage fatality's if you missed short cuts trying to cheat,and each character had special moves you could use to get ahead in the race.

    Scorpion's spear grabs the nearest opponent and throws them behind him

    Sub zero freezes his opponent with an ice ball

    Cryax drops a bomb and blows up every one behind him who runs into.

    ps:sign me up for Redsteel I played the 1st game about 3 times for the different 2 endings,and I spent quite sometime with multiplayer.Despite the bad controls,the game provided me with hours of fun being my 1st wii game,but I broke it and sold hopefully I could win this :D

  5. I had this game since launch of the Wii version.It I think has over the recent HD Kombat games is its roster. It has all the fighters in the whole series.I think the new HD games are going to have DLC for the more recent fighters upon request.

    The Story mode in Armageddon is like a mix of Beat em up exploration and a fighing game. Meaning you generally started in a area and you would fight random guys and at certain points you would fight the main fighters in the game.You would use one character through it all that was new to the series.

    In the HD games You basically gotten bits and pieces of the story then you would fight the main fighters with a certain character then it would switch up.

    Sorry for the lengthy comment.

  6. @Dw:
    "ps:sign me up for Redsteel"

    Just hit up THIS LINK! And/or just copy and paste this one,, to find the Red Steel giveaway post to enter's pretty simple.

    "I think the new HD games are going to have DLC for the more recent fighters upon request. "
    I'm not a fan of more characters(or levels) via DLC, just because I don't do it. I'm a cheap gamer as it is, so either the game includes it, or I don't buy it...or at least I haven't yet.

    "Sorry for the lengthy comment."
    No need to apologize! Discussion is good, and the feedback is greatly appreciated!

    Thank you both for the continued comments/feedback!

  7. I intended to buy the game once I got a Wii at some point, but before that happened, my brother bought the game on PS2. I barely played the game at all, it didn't really grab me. I have Deadly Alliance on Gamecube and I really liked it at the time, but I find it hard to go back to because it relies much more on combos than the old classics.

    If the new game had come out for Wii, I would have probably bought it, though now that my brother bought a PS3 (a week ago) I guess I still could, but I don't like the price of HD games, so I might wait a bit. Maybe they'll make a special edition down the road with all the added DLC. I hate DLC.

  8. For me MK Armageddon was a mixed bag. The motion controls worked for the most part but with the other moves mapped to the other buttons it was an awkward fight. My GF was the one who bought the game (Huge MK Fan) couldn't get used to the way the buttons were mapped on the Wii Remote and the custom fatalities were deceptively complicated even though u were using simple Wiimote swipes (and often didn't work so well).

    As you can see here

    I would give it a 6 out of 10. The new MK however it pretty rad!

  9. The story was so weak in the last MK it didn't do anything for me. The new MK had an excellent story with solid voice acting.

    Honestly, I could see the new MK coming to the 3DS, if they do it in the style of Super SFIV. It looks like it could be possible. I don't know if all the content would be there, but it seems feasible to me.

    I think the Wii is pretty much dead in the water this year. I don't expect to see much support from anyone.

  10. I never did get this game for the Wii - it and Shadows of the Colossus were the last 2 games I grabbed for my PS2 (I got a 360 like a week later). I honestly don't recall a good deal about it. There was a beat 'em up mode that sort of reminded me of the same kind of mode found in the last few Tekken games, and there was a fighter creator if I recall right - and I generally really like those (I spent a ton of time in Soul Calibur's for my PS3), but the storyline was a bit weak (though, most fighting games usually are).

    Still, I've always liked the MK series - which is why I picked up the new one this week. I'd have enjoyed a create a fighter mode, but it has a ton of other things (though, sadly, no online due to the PSN outage).

  11. @Jonath:
    "I hate DLC."
    Haven't purchased any, for any game ever...and don't know if that will change in the near future.

    As for Deadly Alliance, I think one of my friends may have gotten that, on the Xbox or PS2, and I think I played it briefly at his house. It seemed decent enough from what I recall of it.

    @Brad J (The Butcher):
    "The motion controls worked for the most part but with the other moves mapped to the other buttons it was an awkward fight."

    Do you think WM+ would improve them enough to make a large enough difference, that they could be a deciding factor for buying the game if they had ported it over? Or, is MK just a button mashing fighting game that needs to stay that way?

    @The Dread Pirate Guy:
    "Honestly, I could see the new MK coming to the 3DS, if they do it in the style of Super SFIV."

    Now that would be interesting...E3 could be really good, or really bad this year for Nintendo. If they're going after third parties, I think some Captain Obvious places are already out there...such as MK being ported to either the 3DS or their next console.

    "I think the Wii is pretty much dead in the water this year. I don't expect to see much support from anyone."
    Yea, it sure is seeming that way right now.

    "(though, sadly, no online due to the PSN outage)"
    Which I just find really odd, for something taking so long to fix...that is sooo important for a console this generation.

    "There was a beat 'em up mode that sort of reminded me of the same kind of mode found in the last few Tekken games..."
    I know what you're talking about! I played it in Tekken 4 I believe.

    Thank you all for the further comments/feedback! I appreciate it.


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