Thursday, April 28, 2011

Red Steel Giveaway Update - Check Your Email!

If you entered the Red Steel giveaway I posted a few weeks back, the time to enter has closed.  If you're wondering "Who WON!?"  Well, if you entered the giveaway, please check your email.


  1. Wait... There's... NOTHING new from you in my inbox. But there should be, if you told me to check it, so... either there's been a mistake, or you got my hopes up just to crush them with impunity!

    Blast you, and your sadistic e-mail checking invitations, Coffee. BLAST YOU!


  2. @BitNick:
    No no, that's fine...the "If you're wondering "Who WON!?" Well, if you entered the giveaway, please check your email." was a bad translation of my thoughts while taking a break from studying at 1:40AM in the morning!

  3. That is some late night studying. :) Do you drink your coffee that late at nights? Seems like you wouldn't fall asleep. I am curious though - who won?:P Clearly, it was not BitNick (or me) hehe

  4. @Chalgyr:
    The latest I make a pot of coffee is usually 11PM, and that will last me a while. I hit the bed last night about 3:30-ish, and woke around 7:30-ish...
    As for the contest...I always TRY to get a response from the winner before announcing; that way I KNOW the person will be responding with the address...otherwise, I may have to REDRAW.

    So, I guess I can say I didn't draw either of your names...the first time; but if I don't get a timely response, I'll do another drawing. :)

  5. @ Coffee

    I know what you're saying about the muddled thinking that comes with a delighful late-night study session. I'm finishing up finals for the semester right now, so you can understand when I say,"I feel for you."

    @ Chalgyr

    Those of us who have been overlooked must band together, Chalgyr. Our value is not decided by whether we won, but whether our friendship survived Coffee's insidious contests... Unless, of course, he redraws; then it's every man for himself. :)


  6. Well I got your email. Do you want my address now? :)

  7. @BitNick:
    Yea, my finals end next week, but this week has consisted of several assignments, a paper, and a test today that was my "final" test, but not the "final" for the class.

    @Charlie Chang:
    LOL, I don't believe THAT email was in reference to the Red Steel giveaway!

  8. I guess I should say, that I don't know the location of everybody that entered the contest, so I'm hoping the winner wasn't in any of the states effected by the crazy tornado storms in the last 48 hours or so...

  9. Oh snap, no email for me either. Time for a coffee coup d'etat...

  10. @ Coffee

    Yeah, I have my last final tomorrow. I don't mind working for my education, but I LOVE when professor keeps all of their assignments and tests for the last two weeks of class. NOT ANNOYING AT ALL.

    @ Robert

    As they say, you can't make a coffee without grinding a few beans... :)



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