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PS3 vs. Xbox 360 - August 2010 Sales Ranks

The Coffee Beans(what makes up this chart):
     The chart below shows the sales ranks for the PS3 120GB AND 160GB consoles priced at $299.99, as well as showing the sale ranks for the Xbox 360 250GB console priced at $299.99.  The sales ranks were captured between August 2 and August 31, 2010.  The sales ranks were captured on 18 different days in August, with one day having sales ranks captured twice at different times; for a total of nineteen sales ranks on the chart.
     The higher the line is on the chart, the better the sales ranks were for the consoles on

     When looking at the chart, you may notice August 13, 15, 16, and 20 are highlighted at the top and have asterisks next to the dates and times.  On August 13, 15, 16, the 120GB PS3 was noted as "Out-of-stock" directly from, but was available from third party vendors at the time.
     August 20 was the first day I recorded sales ranks with the 160GB PS3 being listed on, instead of the 120GB PS3 console.
     So, from August 2 through August 16, the sales ranks for the PS3 are for the 120GB console model; from August 20 through August 31 on the chart, the sales ranks for the PS3 are for the 160GB model.

Click chart to enlarge

Highs & Lows:
     The highest recorded sale rank for the 120GB PS3 was #8, on August 10 around 12:30PM.
The lowest recorded sale rank for the 120GB PS3 was #22, on August 15 around 11:15PM.

     The highest recorded sale rank for the 160GB PS3 was #5, on August 20 around 4:00PM.
The lowest recorded sale rank for the 160GB PS3 was #15, on August 31 around 7:45PM.

     The highest recorded sale rank for the 250GB Xbox 360 was #10, on August 16 around 8:20PM.
The lowest recorded sale rank for the 250GB Xbox 360 was #23, on August 14 and August 31.

     While the sales ranks don't tell us how many units were sold, they do give us an idea of what may be happening in retail stores.  I think it will be interesting to see how close the sales numbers are between the consoles, when the August 2010 NPD data is released in a few weeks.
     Whenever I was recording the sales ranks, I thought it was very interesting that was "out-of-stock" of the PS3 on August 13, so much so that I wrote a note with the sales rank that day.
     It was on August 17, when Sony announced the 160GB PS3, and a 320GB PS3 model that will be available to purchase on September 19 for $399.99.
     I am hoping this data will start giving us an idea of which console versions/bundles are selling well, so when we look at the NPD data, the general "PS3", "Xbox 360", and "Wii" listings may make a little more sense.
     I do have more data from August, and I'm hoping to get the rest up over the weekend.

     Though this data doesn't show all console versions sold; based off these sales ranks, do you think that the PS3 will take first place overall in the NPD's August 2010 data?

If you are interested in either the PS3 or the Xbox 360, you can see both listed on below:


  1. Not only will the 360 be on top of the PS3 it will likely win over all for home console.

  2. Week over Week the Xbox360 is dominating the ps3.

    It's obvious that the ps3 has reached saturation point.

    The Xbox360s is KING!

  3. It's certainly King in the US where it's lead will likely hit 10 million around the launch of Reach

  4. Xbox 360 should come out on top. The only notable game this month was Madden and that always does better on 360.

  5. LBDz

    To be honest, PS3 was about 10 million consoles behind 360 when they released the console. Now it's not even 3.5 million behind. So year after year ( SAME TIME SCALE ) PS3 has been outselling the Xbox 360.

    Yes the 360 is still showing more numbers, but look at the failure rate of the console. That means ( LIKE MANY CONSOLE OWNERS ) they rebought the 360 once their console broke down.

    Remember that 360's didn't have the 3 year warranty for the 1st consoles release.

    Showing the numbers being ( Shipped for 360 ) doesn't mean people own more of them than ( PS3's sold figures ). Infact PS3 has more consoles connected to the net than 360's.

    In my opinion these figures mean nothing. Look at what MS offers i's XBL=Gold Members.???

    Then look at what PSN & PS+ to it's users.

    XBL and 360 are falling behind REASONS on supporting the consoles and the network.

    Now sony are supporting their console Big time, and the PSN is getting better everyday.

  6. @Cueil:
    I agree, especially after looking at the 4GB Xbox 360 ranks, compared to the Wii ranks.

    @Anonymous from September 5, 2010 @ 3:53AM:
    I think what Cueil said below your post is correct, with the Xbox 360 having a great lead in the US; but not so much world-wide.

    I really wonder if Halo Reach is going to cause a bit upswing in people purchasing the Xbox 360, just because I would think most of the Halo fans already own one.

    Madden is an interesting title to watch, because I think the past 2 years, the Xbox 360 Madden version has seen sales drop, whereas the PS3 version has seen sales increase. The Wii version seems to be in its own category.

    @Anonymous from September 5, 2010 @ 10:20AM:
    "Yes the 360 is still showing more numbers, but look at the failure rate of the console."
    That's one thing I really want to know about the new Xbox 360 console, will it have AS many problems as the last. I have seen reports saying yes and no.

    BUT, just because the Xbox 360 has had major failure rate issues, doesn't mean the other consoles haven't had problems. I actually received my PS3 from a friend when it stopped working...I just had to get it fixed.

    Wii consoles seem to have more issues this console generation also, compared to the GameCube in last generation.

    But yea, as for PSN and XBL, I don't really care about extra features, just simply playing online. I can do that for free on PSN, and not pay the $50(now $60 for XBL)...though I did do that last gen.

    Thank you all for the comments and feedback, and keeping it civil!

  7. I had 2 xbox 360's and lost both due 2 Red Ring of Death and although I love the xbox's controller the most i think the turn will be with Blu Ray starting to expand and GT5 is going to make a huge impact on the figures coz alot of racing enthusiasts went for xbox with forza but GT5 is going to turn the table. I'm an xbox fan but i think its time for me to grow up and play with the real toy and get myself a PS3 aswell

  8. @Kobus:
    I know a friend that purchased GT5 yesterday, and he also used to own a Xbox 360...but traded it off while it was still working.

    I think the Blu Ray will become a bigger factor, especially now that Blu Ray discs are costing a lot less.

    If you get a PS3, feel free to add my name to your friend list.

    Thanks for the comment!

  9. @coffeewithgames Thanx i will do.

    What is your PSN Username or network name or what ever i can use 2 find u

  10. My PSN name is Hoj_Latte.

    You can see my contact info for any games and email on the contact page:

  11. Ps3 isn't too far behind 360, I don't think 360 is going to stay ahead for too much longer.


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