Monday, September 13, 2010

Monster Hunter Tri's Barroth Single-Player Hunt

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If any of you read my "Monster Hunter Tri's - A Stick in the Mud! (Data)" post from this past Wednesday, you may have watched "Part 1" of my Monster Hunter Tri Barroth hunt, that I recorded from Monster Hunter Tri's single-player campaign last week.

After having "Part 2" of the Barroth hunt fail to upload late Wednesday night, I attempted it again on Thursday and was successful.

Here is "Part 1" and "Part 2" of my Monster Hunter Tri Barroth hunt, from the game's single-player campaign:

Part 2:

Barroth stuck me with mud nearly every single time it was flung!  Not every time I was hit, made it into the videos; but it was crazy how many times I was like, "Okay, stay away and wait...", when he would start up the flinging, then I would approach and get hit by the last piece or two of mud falling to the ground!

Even with all of Barroth's mud flinging, it wasn't enough to delay defeat.  Next time though, I may have to go in with a hammer, instead of my Great Sword!

You can see prices for Monster Hunter Tri on below, and join the monster hunting!  If you do purchase the game, send me an email letting me know you purchased it, to, that way I can get your online name/code for the game.  Again, my Monster Hunter Tri name/code is Coffee/KKJ9F2!

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