Wednesday, April 3, 2013

March Brewed - Coffees Consumed & Games Played!

Coffee Beans
March saw several new Wii U releases, the most in quite a while actually. I mentioned some of the new Wii U games that released in March, HERE. While I ended up not buying any of those, yet, all of them have landed in my current "Wish List".

If you only skimmed posts or stopped by only occasionally in March, here's what you might have missed:
1) One reason I find Call of Duty: Black Ops 2's multiplayer addictive, HERE.
2) What is the most played Mega Man game on the Wii, based on Total Hours reported? You can read that report, HERE.
3) Why you should never give up in a Black Ops 2 online multiplayer match, HERE.
4) What is the Wii's most played Need for Speed game, based on Total Hours reported? Find out HERE.
5) What are current Wii U trade-in values, for both the Basic Set and Deluxe Set? Find out HERE.
6) A new feature, done twice in the month, Movie Magic Monday! If you like dragons, you might like this one. If you're a fan of Alice in Wonderland, you might find this one interesting.
7) ZombiU has been patched! You can see the full patch notes and details I gathered on the ZombiU patch, HERE.

Now, what games did I get around to playing in March, and what coffees helped me make it through the month? Start brewing yourself some coffee, and let's take a look!

Coffees Consumed
We brewed and consumed four different coffee blends in March: Maxwell House Dark Roast, Maxwell House Gourmet Roast, Puroast Dark French Roast, and Medaglia D'Oro Caffé.

The Maxwell House blends were our go to coffee blends for the majority of the month, like February, with us finishing off the Maxwell House Dark Roast early in the month, and the Maxwell House Gourmet Roast helping us make it through the end of the month.

The Puroast Dark French Roast and Medaglia D'oro Caffé were coffees we started brewing and consuming in February, as I wrote about last month, and they helped us get through the middle of March when the Maxwell House Dark Roast started running low.

With the amount of coffee we consume in a month, the Maxwell House coffees are the best bargain and the best tasting coffees at their prices that we have found. While I enjoy the smaller batches of coffee like the Medaglia D'ora Caffé, being that we still brew so much coffee in a month, we are still sticking with the larger containers of coffee (usually the 240 cup containers).

Games Played
The quick Instant Coffee list of games I played in March is: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Super Mario Bros., Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed, Assassin's Creed III, Nintendo Land, Rabbids Land, Trine 2: Director's Cut, World of Goo, Super Mario 64, Punch-Out!!, and Super Mario World.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 - It was all multiplayer for me in March, as it pretty much was in February as well. This was my most played game in March, and I enjoyed recording and putting together a few videos of multiplayer battles. If you didn't see either of the multiplayer videos I put together of some of my Black Ops 2 matches, here's one you might enjoy if you like FPS matches that are close:

Assassin's Creed III - I have had this Wii U game sitting around since December, thanks to GameFly, and had made very little progress in it until last month. I decided to try and get more accomplished in March, and was decently successful. While I haven't beat the game, and I don't think I'm even close to it yet, I was able to put a few more hours into it in March. I'm enjoying the story and setting of the game so far, even if I have only found one coffee reference so far..., my next site!?
Nintendo Land - Bean 1 and I played this together in March. He enjoyed the Mario Chase and Luigi's Ghost Mansion games a lot, and I played a few rounds of Donkey Kong's Crash Course and Battle Quest while he watched as well.
Punch-Out!! - I have written that I enjoyed Punch-Out!! on the NES. When Nintendo put this one on sale for 30 cents on the Wii U's eShop, I purchased it the first day it became available in March. Yes, we did own it on our Wii's Virtual Console already, but that didn't stop me. I have enjoyed playing a few rounds on the Wii U's GamePad already, while having shows streaming on Netflix in the background. I'm not sure if I'll beat this one, as the last two boxers seem to really destroy me, but it's already been worth the 30 cents I bought it for (again).
Rabbids Land - How many hours does it take to unlock all the mini-games in Rabbids Land? Well, from my experience with the game so far, more than 10 hours. I have played the game 10 hours 25 minutes so far, and I still haven't unlocked all of the mini-games yet. I'm not sure if perhaps I need to play the game with an additional human player, before unlocking the last two mini-games, or if I just haven't been fortunate enough to experience them when playing the board game rounds by myself. Once I unlock the rest of the mini-games, I plan on doing some additional coverage for the game though.
My current Rabbids Land play time.
Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed - I played this early in March, and later in the middle of the month as well. I was over on Destructoid checking out their community blogs section early in March, when I saw a post that was advertising a Friday Night Fights community event, and this was the Wii U game they were playing. I decided to hop on and give it a try, and played a few races on just the GamePad while the Beans were running around. After I played (and lost) in the Friday Night Fights event, I decided to play the game a bit more later in the month, and started working my way through the single player campaign. I was able to unlock more tracks and power-up certain drivers (mainly Sonic), in just a few short hours. I really, really like the way the races are setup with the driving, flying, and boating incorporated into each one. While I haven't unlocked all the levels yet, or leveled-up one character all the way, I am looking forward to putting some more time into this one eventually.
Trine 2: Director's Cut - While I beat Trine 2 back in January, I still haven't unlocked everything in the game. So, in March I played through a few more of the levels attempting to find items I had previously missed. While I did complete one level with items I had not collected before in March, I still haven't unlocked the extra level, but I am still enjoying the game when I play it.
World of Goo - Bean 1 and I have been playing this on the PC, and we have made it to Chapter 4, several times, but he still enjoys deleting files and creating names on new ones and starting from the beginning. Bean 1 is pretty good at understanding the idea behind the game, and can complete many of the levels in the game.

A Mario inspired castle? It passed the Bean 1 sight test!
Super Mario 64 - Bean 1 randomly one night near the end of March said, "I'm going to play Mario 64." It was random, because he hadn't mentioned the game in a while, but sure enough he sat on the couch and played it for nearly an hour straight that night after mentioning it. This has been a game we have made slow progress in over the last year, and I hope that we can eventually beat it, as it was one Nintendo 64 title I enjoyed when I played it originally on the console, but I never beat it.
Super Mario Bros. - This was played on our Wii, as we still haven't done the Wii to Wii U transfer for Virtual Console and WiiWare titles yet. I did beat this one in March, which I still find extremely challenging to do, but rewarding as well. Bean 1 really enjoys watching me play through the latter levels in the game, and was a big encourager in the final level when I was getting killed by the hammer brother right before Bowser. He would say, "Daddy, if you think you can, you will!"
Super Mario World - This is another one started by Bean 1, and then ends up with me being volunteered to play and beat certain levels. Bean 1 is pretty good though, and can be Yoshi's Island 1 and Yoshi's Island 2 in it, as well as some of the other levels. It's usually the Castle levels that give him a bit of a challenge, but he is improving and I enjoy watching him play it and also listening to him direct me to make sure that I take the "secret exit" in the appropriate levels.

Did any of you pick up some of the new Wii U games that released in March (maybe all of them?!), and if so what do you think about what you have played? If you didn't purchase any of the new Wii U releases in March, did you find yourself playing any other game(s) in the month?

And as always, were there any coffee blends that helped you make it through the month?


  1. "but there is a tea party, and that's not a bad thing "

    I wrote a comment about that over on Chalgyr's review for the game...or, at least my theory for why the colonies won the war:

    As for your JRPG, when I see "RPG" I almost immediately think, "TIME SINK!", so I can imagine you probably spent many an hour (or day/week) playing in March.

    Thanks for the feedback!

  2. "No coffee..."

    I'm going to have to add those words to my blacklist on Disqus...

    "I've been much more focused on knocking out story modes in games (just finished Tomb Raider last night in fact, at like 2am)"

    Yeah, I am trying to finish games I already have before playing more Black Ops 2 (which, I gave it away to my neighbor about a week ago, so now it's HIS problem...not mine. At least for a while.)
    BUT, being that you finished Tomb Raider last night at 2, why isn't the review for it already published?! For shame! (So says the guy that spends 8 hours on data reports...)

    As for the new Sonic Racing, I didn't play the first, so I don't really have any comparison to it. It does have "Easy" "Normal" and "Hard" I think on each course, and it definitely is challenging on the "Normal" and "Hard" settings (not sure on exact names).

    Here's another good excuse to buy a Wii U. If you buy a Wii U, you can share the TV while they are playing Sonic Racing on just the GamePad!

    Thanks for the comment and feedback!

  3. LOL - The Review's written. I am going to post it tomorrow. :)

    I like the tactic in loaning out Black Ops 2 - can't give into temptation if it's not in front of you. :P

    As for the Wii U - I can do that now with my PS3 and Vita on some of my games. Probably no Wii U for me for a while yet though. Glad you're enjoying it though - seems like you've been getting a chance to play a good number of games lately. How long until you have AC III done? :)

  4. Just start the site, "IncompleteReviews", and call it a day.

    As for AC III, I played a bit more this morning, but am running around trying to find something to complete my current mission...which was giving me a bit of trouble. Hopefully once I find it, I'll continue making good progress...but Toki Tori 2 might be competing for play-time now.

  5. Haha - beat that mission! Finish the game! I'm a bit of a completionist (or, the Anti-Robert, lol)

    Toki Tori 2 does look good though - I really enjoyed the original version on Steam (never played the original-original GB one)

  6. Oh snap! The Anti-Robert...
    *goes to check guideline for name-calling

    I think in this case it's the truth, so it passes? *just lost another reader, and when you're under 10 regulars, that's an issue!

    I did beat that mission, FINALLY. I wasn't even missing what I thought I was, it was in front of me the whole time....and I have made some decent progress (I think) over the weekend. On Sequence 7 now.

    Thanks for checking back in!

  7. Hm. March was too long ago to remember any useful details. I'm sure it was coffee and tea as usual. Work is crazy and will continue that way for many months.

    Games? Pretty sure I put most of the time into retro city rampage, LTTP, Super Metroid and MM9, though there was alot of variety sprinkled in. Maybe in 15-30minute chunks.

    I also had two purchases in March which was a Nyko charge station for Wii and a Will Classic Pro. Both were on sale for a decent amount so I jumped on them.


    - Sonic & All-Stars Racing (Demo)
    - Castlevania: Lords of Shadow (Demo)
    - Mutant Mudds
    - Dementium II
    - Pushmo
    - ExciteBike
    - Mighty Switch Force
    - Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary


    - Retro City Rampage
    - MegaMan 9
    - Nickelodean Dance

    - Amazon Video
    - Super Mario Bros
    - Super Metroid
    - Kid Icarus
    - Super Mario World
    - Zelda: A Link to the Past
    - Rage of Gladiator (Demo)

  8. Now you know why it took 20 days to post. Can't believe how you're trashing me on here with all of that spot-on truth... :)

    I am disappointed that I didn't finish anything in March - resolution broken unless I can double up here in April which isn't looking so good. I made two purchases this month, but one is a kickstarter that releases later (shovel knight). The other is GTA: Chinatown Wars so I'm sure I can sink some time into it and let it collect some dust incomplete style.

  9. "Rage of Gladiator"

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every reason for not completing a game in March, justified....

    Did you complete the demo, or just play the first battle?

    I see lots of platforming games in the mix, which has been a steady here (Bean 1 is playing Little Big Planet as I type this).

    Super Metroid will be joining our collection when it hits the .30 cents Wii U sale, and I'm looking forward to playing it's been probably almost 2 decades since I last played it.

    Thanks for the comment and feedback!

  10. Always buying games, but never completing them...consistency.

    You're even "future proofing" your site idea, now with KS games. Visionary...

  11. Lol, I thought rotg would get your attention. I don't remember if I finished, but thought I played a few battles.

    Lot's of classic gamimg these days and super metroid for .30 is a steal. Heck, 800 points didn't seem that bad.


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