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Movie Magic Monday! Disney's Alice in Wonderland data report.

Coffee Beans
What is Movie Magic Monday? When I was younger (about 20 years younger), I really enjoyed a show on the Discovery Channel called "Movie Magic". It was a behind-the-scenes type series, that showed how special effects in movies were made. Usually, each episode would cover a specific special effect done in movies, such as model makers building miniature models for movies.

So, this new Movie Magic Monday feature will be about video games, that are based around movies, posted on Mondays. If you have ever wanted to tumble down the rabbit hole, you might enjoy this first Movie Magic Monday.

Alice in Wonderland was released for the Nintendo Wii on March 2, 2010. The game was developed by √Čtranges Libellules (now closed) and published by Disney Interactive Studios, and it received an ESRB rating of "EVERYONE 10+" with "Fantasy Violence" listed as content for parents and gamers to be aware of. The game's development was "inspired by Tim Burton's" movie, Alice in Wonderland, which released in theaters on March 5, 2010.

How many hours have U.S. Wii owners reported playing Alice in Wonderland, since it released just over 3 years ago? Brew yourself some coffee, and let's take a look!

Data shown for U.S. Wii owners, not world-wide.
The Brew
Alice in Wonderland has approximately 28,301 U.S. Wii owners that have reported gameplay hours through the Nintendo Channel. U.S. Wii owners have reported playing close to 300,000 hours, as the image above shows, with 1,105 days possibly reported.

The game's average reported play-time is 10 hours 13 minutes "Per person", as the image above shows, which averages to be about 1 hours 19 minutes played per time/day reported. The movie has a runtime of 1 hour 49 minutes.

What about critic and customer reviews for Alice in Wonderland? The game has a "professional" critic review score average of 70.50%, based on 10 reviews on It has a customer review score average of 84.00%, based on 30 reviews from

Caffeinated Thoughts
While I have not played the game, Alice in Wonderland, Mrs. Coffee and I did see the movie when it was in theaters, and we saw the "3D" version. We enjoyed the movie, but we haven't purchased it on DVD or Blu-ray yet (it will probably be Blu-ray, once we decide on a player!).

If you haven't seen anything from the game, the video below contains a few clips from the game and was a promotional trailer released for it:

Seeing the game with an average time of more than 10 hours "Per person", really surprised me for a movie based game! Alice in Wonderland has a higher average play-time reported "Per person", than some Wii exclusive games, like Red Steel 2 and Deadly Creatures.

If you didn't see the movie, here are two statistics I learned about it, while researching information for this post. According to Box Office Mojo:
1) Alice in Wonderland is currently ranked 13th overall, for worldwide grosses with movies.
2) It is currently ranked as having the 2nd best opening weekend, for March movie releases, only behind The Hunger Games (the newly released Oz The Great and Powerful is close behind though!).

You can learn more interesting information about the movie, by visiting its Box Office Mojo page, HERE.

Have any of you played Alice in Wonderland (any version), and if so, what did you think about it? Even if you haven't played the game (like me), did you perhaps watch Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, as Mrs. Coffee and I did? If so, what did you enjoy it?

Also, did any of you watch the Discovery Channel "Movie Magic" series like I did, and perhaps greatly enjoy it as well? (If you didn't watch it, but are interested in what it might have been like, you can find entire episodes on YouTube.)

You can purchase Alice in Wonderland related game and movie products below:


  1. I really liked Alice in Wonderland on the Wii. I was also a fan of the film (One of few ).

    I thought it was very well done for a movie based adaptation, it feautred "Achievements", fully voiced characters, and interesting characters. I also felt the graphics were pretty good for a movie based Wii game.

    I enjoyed how all of the characters had their own unique ability, some of which took advantage of the wiimote. I also really liked that the final boss battle wasn't really a "battle" per se. It was just utilizing all of the characters to solve puzzles that ultimately lead to Alice being able to slay the beast.

    The game also felt like a poor man's ICO at times, never actually playing as Alice, it was your job to escort her throughout Wonderland making sure that the Red Queen's army didn't take her away.

    The DS version looks pretty nifty, though I haven't gotten around to playing it yet. I don't know if it's as good, but the art style looks fantastic.

  2. I adored the movie, I don't get the hate. It's not high art (except maybe in a technical respect), but it's hella fun, especially for a Wonderland fan.

    I read a glowing review of the DS version which compared it to Ico as well, so I bought that (though I've not had a chance to play it yet). I avoided the Wii version since it looked much more mediocre, but after having read your comment I may need to check it out. Thanks.

  3. "I also really liked that the final boss battle wasn't really a "battle" per se. It was just utilizing all of the characters to solve puzzles that ultimately lead to Alice being able to slay the beast."

    That sounds like a very interesting way to do a "battle", as I like games that try new things with boss battles and not the tried/true 3 hits and they're done (Mario, Metroid, Zelda) type.

    I really, really, really enjoyed Metroid Prime 3 on the Wii, but I felt the boss battles were all a little too similar with how you fought/beat each one, and was hoping for a bit more variety.

    Thanks for the comment and feedback! I'm glad to see some positive thoughts on a movie related game, as it's often the exact opposite it seems!

  4. It's interesting hearing the DS and Wii versions both compared to Ico. I haven't played Ico, but have heard a lot of good about it, so it's interesting this movie game seems to have played out like Ico.

    Thanks for the feedback and allowing the comment copy/paste!

  5. As a fan of Alice in Wonderland, I think you'd like Oblivion Island!

    "An animated romp for the young and the young at heart! Oblivion Island, an internationally acclaimed feature film blends Japanese folklore and storybook charm reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland into an exhilarating tale sure to amaze animation fans of all ages."

  6. Thanks for stopping by and leaving the feedback! Oblivion Island is also available from in the U.S. as well, if regular readers are more comfortable shopping there:

    We have little ones, and seeing the "G" rating on Oblivion Island is nice. The animated art style (from the images) looks like it was done very well.

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