Thursday, June 2, 2011

May Brewed - Coffees Consumed, Games Played

Coffee Beans:
     May was an interesting month for me.  Being that I had finished up school(and am out for the summer), I started looking for summer work.  I was hoping that whatever job I got might turn into a good part-time job when school starts back, but wasn't sure how quickly something would happen in this job market.  I ended up landing a job at Chick-Fil-A, and have been gainfully employed for about the last 3 weeks.  My first day of training I tried the coffee, and I also had it my second day, though I forgot to add it to my "Coffees Consumed" for May.
     So, with a new job and my same spastic nightly schedule, what coffees did I consume and games did I play during May?  Let's take a look!

Coffees Consumed in May:
     Maxwell House Original Roast (Medium) - This was purchased in mid-April, and I actually just tossed out the container today.  Like most of the Maxwell coffee blends we drink, I think it has a good solid flavor.
     New England Coffee Colombian Supremo Blend - If you missed my "April Brewed" post, I mentioned in that post that this coffee blend was a "surprise" purchase by Mrs. Coffee for me.  I have about 1/3 of the bag left, so I will probably finish it off this month(June).  While I commented about this coffee blend's different smell, I forgot to mention that it is listed as a "100% Arabica Coffee" blend on the package, so I'm not sure what it is with the smell.
     Maxwell House Breakfast Blend (Mild) - This coffee was purchased in the middle of May, kind of like the Original Roast was in April.  Mrs. Coffee enjoys the breakfast blend, but she can't have a lot of it right now, because of the Little Bean that is due within about a month's time.  I think it has a nice flavor though, sort of what I mentioned about the Maxwell House Original Roast blend.
     Caribou Coffee Reindeer Blend (Medium-Dark Roast) - 5 months.  If somebody had told me a Christmas gift of coffee would last 5 months, I probably would have thought to myself, "Not in this HOUSE!", but this one lasted through May.  I ground up the last few beans with our son just in the last week, and brewed up a pot of 6 cups early one evening.
     Chick-Fil-A Coffee (Medium Roast) - This coffee is a "100% Colombian Coffee", and its description says it is, "...a sweet, rich, flavorful taste with a smooth finish."  Chick-Fil-A's coffee blend is pretty easy to drink, and I didn't see any need for cream/sugar in it(though I rarely do), and the cows may approve it more since it was consumed black with no need of a cow-byproduct; so I agree with the "smooth finish".  While I only had two cups, I'm sure there will be more in my future.  I gotta say though, Chick-Fil-A's Lemonade is super awesome!

Video Games Played in May:
     Monster Hunter Tri - The monster of a game that I still haven't finished!  While I have not completed the game's single-player campaign yet, I did play a good bit online in May, and I put a good number of hours in the single-player campaign doing quests just to level up my armor/weapon.  As of now, I have one more quest to complete, and the single-player campaign will be "finished".  Will it happen in June?  I will keep you all posted on it!  If you missed my Monster Hunter Tri post from last week, you can watch two monster hunt videos from the game that I uploaded, HERE.
     GoldenEye 007 - I hopped online a few nights during May, and even got some play-time with Robert.  I uploaded and did a post about one multi-player match in early May, and you can watch it HERE.  You can watch another multi-player match from later in the month, HERE.  I still find the Team Conflict matches a lot of fun in GoldenEye 007, and I may be looking at putting together a "GoldenEye Game Night" in the near future.
     Rage of the Gladiator - If you missed it, I started a new feature on CoffeeWithGames in May called "WiiWare Wednesday".  Rage of the Gladiator was the first game I covered for the feature, and you can read the post, and watch the video about it, HERE.  I started playing Rage of the Gladiator with Wii MotionPlus controls in April, and though the Wii MotionPlus controls are a little slower, they work well with how they are implemented because they encourage less flailing.

     Another month has passed, and I didn't complete any game from my backlogged list, though I am about to finish the biggest time-consuming game probably on my backlogged list.  Once I finish Monster Hunter Tri's single-player campaign, I may work on a "schedule" to go through with the rest of the games, and hopefully that will speed things along.
     As for the coffees I consumed, I enjoyed all the blends I tried.  I have seen some interesting "extras" added to coffees in the last 3 weeks, and I may branch out and give some of the "extras" a try, and report back on how they turn out.

     What coffees(or other beverages) and games did you find yourself drinking/playing in May?


  1. No coffee for me this month - it's finally getting warm. I'm very cyclical - in the late fall and winter I'll drink it (usually nothing fancy, just something instant) - but when it gets warmer out, I'm more of a morning Mt. Dew person. :)

    My games list this last month was huge. I got through a good deal of my backlog though, and am very close on a few others, so that's been nice. Off of the top of my head:

    Mortal Kombat
    King's Bounty - Legend
    Elven Legacy
    Fantasy Wars
    Arcanum of Steamworks and Magic
    FX Pinball
    Marvel Pinball
    Bloodbowl - Legendary Edition
    Fairy Solitaire
    Bob Came in Pieces
    Black Ops (yay for online being back)
    God of War: Chains of Olympus
    Dungeon Siege: Throne of Agon
    God of War collection
    Castlevania: Harmony of Despair
    Castlevania: Lords of Shadow
    Puzzle Quest 2
    Snoopy's Flying Aces
    Portal 2
    Star Craft 2

    .... yeah, that's about it. :P But, with about 1/3 of those beaten, I have lots of review fodder coming up.

  2. Congrats on landing the summer job! Tough market out there for anyone in any circumstance. I'm not a huge fan of Chick-fil-a's food, but I adore them as as company :-)

  3. Yeah congrats on finding the summer job.

    The only games I've played in May is Super Street Fighter 4 on Playstation 3. I'm looking forward to SSF4: Arcade Edition which is due out the end of June.

    I've drank my Trader Joe's Organic Wake up blend and a Starbucks Yukon Organic Blend. I love the boldness.

  4. Though I spent most of my time watching DVDs and Netflix, I did manage to play a lot.

    I've spent a lot of time on Golden Sun and my recently purchased Gran Turismo 5. I also play Call of Duty 4 an hour every day at work during lunch time, which is awesome. We usually get some fun 5 vs 5 going on, which is so much better than going online.

  5. Had the usual Melitta classic for the morning and have been on a green tea kick in the evenings. (many times while playing)

    I think Chalgyr puts us all to shame with sheer volume, but here goes: ( :D )

    GoldenEye 007
    Mega Man 9
    Dungeon Explorer
    Kid Icarus
    Mario Kart Wii
    Bit Trip Runner (demo)
    Super Meat Boy
    Plants vs Zombies (android)

    Been having a blast with 007 and catching the occasional online round with coffee. It's also been more of a VC retro month for me as you can tell.

    Unfortunately the Wii may end up being stored later this month for a move so I need to get in what I can now. I did pick up PvZ and some ad-supported angry birds just to try them out and as a possible gaming distraction during the move. Not exactly the ideal setup, but may help when I don't want to boot a laptop. (despite some minor gripes, PvZ is pretty cool)

    Then again, the DS Lite just dropped to $99. Hmmm... Mario Kart DS.... My only concern is the lack of DSiWare support. At least that's the theory since I haven't looked at dsiware to see if there are even any titles I care about.

    COD at work, that's awesome! Going to have to find some kind of gaming routine when I'm actually in a real non-home office again.

    I know, P2 co-op or some LAN StarCraft..

  6. Coffees:
    Eight O'Clock - Hazelnut, Mocha, and Original Blends
    *Nescafe Taster's Choice - Colombian Gourmet* :D

    Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones - PS2
    *Red Steel - Wii* :D
    Goldeneye 007 - Wii
    Jeopardy - Wii (not too sure if this one counts)
    The Legend of Zelda - NES (yes, the original, 8-bit golden cartridge)

    A small undertaking for this month. My brother likes to play Goldeneye online a lot, so I tend to hop on with him. And we'll see in a couple of days here how I should be saving my money for future games (E3).

    I like your taste in retro games. And I found PvZ to be frightfully addicting. O_o

    Echo the congratulations on the summer job. Predictions for E3 (unless you're saving that for other blog postings)? And you can already count me in on the "Goldeneye Game Night".

    My hat's off to them as well. :)

    @Charlie Chang:
    I haven't had opportunity to play much of SSF4, but the Arcade Edition will definitely be worth a look-see. Do you intend on purchasing a copy? If so, I would like your input.

  7. @Coffee

    I forgot to say congratulations on the job!

    Thanks, sometimes there's nothing like the classics. (ps: very cool your nes and gold zelda still works!) I did start Solomon's Key for a few minutes last Monday, but it didn't seem that should count. Got about 30 minutes in later in the week for it to kick my butt as usual. :)

    As for PvZ I'm really digging it, though it is a tad small on a phone. I plan to get it on Steam during the next sale.

  8. @Chalgyr:
    23 games...I haven't played that many all year probably!

    As for Black Ops, I think I have you on my PS3 friends' list, and if you're hopping online in that, always feel free to shoot me an email, and if I can get on I'll will.

    "No coffee for me this month..."
    I'll pretend I didn't read this. :)

    If you don't like the food, I would recommend giving the lemonade a's made fresh daily, and it's really good! We have people that drive-thru just for the lemonade.

    @Charlie Chang:
    SSF4: Arcade Edition? What's the difference between that and SSF4?

    Starbucks Yukon Organic Blend...sounds interesting. Do you know if they they brew it at Starbucks locations, or just sell it?

    I have a friend that has enjoyed the Gran Turismo games for a long-time Robert said, playing video games at work must be awesome!

    Do you special order the Melitta, or just purchase it at a local store? I saw they have a "Coffee Club" of sorts on their site.

    Also, we do own Mario Kart Wii, though I haven't played it yet. Once I play it, I'll make sure to get our friend code and add it to my list, and perhaps we'll find each other online in that as well.

    Also, I have Mario Kart DS, but haven't played it in a LONG time...probably not in more than a year, if not two.

    I saw some Eight O'Clock Coffee packages tonight when I made an emergency coffee filter stop by Wal-Mart. Somehow, we had made it to ZERO coffee filters, so I made a run up to the store.

    Seeing The Legend of Zelda on your list, as well as Kid Icarus and Metroid on Robert's list, makes me want to hunt down a NES and SNES even more now; though I do have a few Virtual Console games I could start playing...

    Thanks everybody for the comments and new job congrats! If anybody has questions about the games I played(or anybody else), or coffees I consumed, feel free to join the conversation in the comments.

  9. @coffee:

    No, I just pick it up from various stores. I suppose I should check into it to see about price.

    At one time WalMart had the best price of, I think, $2.99 for the regular 12.5oz can, though they don't carry it any longer.

    Sounds good on Mario Kart. I haven't played online much so I should give it a fair shake along with completing the single player races. I think I've got gold on everything except for a few and may have 1 or 2 tracks I never started.

    Glad our plan worked of infecting you with the retro bug. :)


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