Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Conduit beats Metroid Prime Trilogy: Nintendo Channel Data

Metroid Prime Trilogy debuted for the first time this week with data on the Nintendo Channel.
I consider Metroid Prime Trilogy a game(or games) that would appeal to 'core' gamers, take a look at the numbers:

Metroid Prime Trilogy has 63,930 total play times hours reported by approximately 5,416 gamers.

Now time for a comparison. FLASHBACK to The Conduit's debut on the Nintendo Channel:

We can see The Conduit debuted with 10,592 more hours than Metroid Prime Trilogy did it's first week, and The Conduit also had 1,547 more gamers reporting play time data the first week it debuted, for a total of 6,963 gamers reporting data on The Conduit.
From the numbers showing, I would assume that The Conduit sold more copies in it's first week, and/or had more players playing the game and using the Nintendo Channel.

If you own The Conduit, and also bought Metroid Prime Trilogy, I would like to know how the controls compare in both games...are The Conduit's controls better than Metroid Prime Trilogy's?

(All numbers rounded to the nearest whole number where applicable.)


  1. I didn't pick up Metroid Prime Trilogy, but I did get Metroid Prime 3 when it came out back in 2007. I eventually sold it, though, as it was too slow-paced and adventury for my tastes. Needless to say, I picked up The Conduit on Day 1, and have been playing it enthusiastically since then (nearly 100 hours by now).

    As for the game controls, both games control very well, but I'll have to give the edge to The Conduit for the thorough customization options. The Conduit's controls have completely spoiled me on Wii FPS titles by now -- and I can't wait for a sequel!


  2. @R.J.:
    I'm like you, in that I bought Metroid Prime 3 over a year ago...though I did beat it multiple times and think it is Nintendo's best Wii game IMO.
    I also own The Conduit and have played it a lot as well...though the online is EXTREMELY frustrating with all the glitches/hackers.

    I really wish that Nintendo had actually taken the time to "update" the controls for MPT and allowed for fully customizable controls like in The Conduit.

  3. I have both Conduit and MPT. Definitely have to with Conduit for controls, MPT doesn't have near as much customization

  4. @Anonymous:
    Like I mentioned to R.J., I don't know why Nintendo/Retro didn't take the time to update the controls even more for MPT. The controls in Metroid Prime: Corruption and now MPT are more than two years old by Wii standards.

  5. "I also own The Conduit and have played it a lot as well...though the online is EXTREMELY frustrating with all the glitches/hackers."

    It doesn't bother me too much, but that's probably because I play for fun, not to boost my online ego. If I end up the highest-ranking non-cheater in a group, I'm content... and it's even sweeter if I beat the cheaters by playing straight. ;-)


  6. @R.J.:
    Playing for fun is what games should be about. What's frustrating for me, is how it can take 20 minutes(yes it has taken that long) to get into an online match in The Conduit.

    I don't play for ego, or even rank, just for fun like yourself. I just wish I could get into matches easier without the glitches.


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