Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wii Casual vs. Core vs. CasualCore: Nintendo Channel Data for Week Beginning Sept. 13

Another week has passed and this week Wii Sports Resort has crossed one million total hours reported playing since it's July 26th release!
I'm keeping the data reported more simple and streamlined this week.

Wii Sports Resort increased by 14%, or 153,928 hours, in total play time hours.
The Conduit increased by 5%, or 31,252 hours, in total play time hours.
EA Sports Active increased 5%, or 10,102 hours, in total play time hours.
Punch-Out!! increased the least percentage in play time hours, increasing only 4%, or 19,652 hours, in total play time hours.
(All percentages rounded to the nearest whole number.)

Are you playing Wii Sports Resort still or have you moved onto other games?

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