Thursday, September 24, 2009's sales ranks, the NPD data, and the Nintendo Channel data

Over the last few weeks, I've been tracking the hours played for EA Sports Active, Punch-Out!!, The Conduit, and Wii Sports Resort.  If you missed the posts regarding the hours played, you can find them at the following links:
Data for Week Starting August 30.
Data for Week Starting September 6.
Data for Week Starting September 13.

On Friday, September 18, it was reported on, "...readers from Europe and North America are reporting issues with the Nintendo Wifi Connection.  It appears that something is being updated, or something's gone really wrong.  The 20100 error code is popping up all over the place...".  Even a GoNintendo reader, Totodile, from New Zealand confirmed he received an error message trying to connect to play Mario Kart DS that day.
So, I take it that something went "really wrong", because for some odd reason, the play time hours on the Nintendo Channel weren't updated this week.
All of the games I normally track, The Conduit, Punch-Out!!, EA Sports Active, and Wii Sports Resort are showing the exact same number of hours reported played this week, as they were last week.

Instead of putting up the same exact post and hours from last week, I'm taking a look at how The Conduit, Punch-Out!!, EA Sports Active, and Wii Sports Resort are currently ranked on's video game sales chart.  I'll be including's sales ranks for any game I cover off the Nintendo Channel in future posts from now on.

Take a look(click the image for a larger viewable size):

The Conduit was 656th on's sales rank in video games, placing it in last place, but out of the four games and from the previous data captured off the Nintendo Channel, it ranks 2nd in most hours played, out of the four games.
EA Sports Active was ranked 22nd overall in sales on's rank for video games, placing it second out of the four games in overall sales rank. As in previous posts, EA Sports Active has the fewest number of hours reported playing, out of The Conduit, Punch-Out!!, and Wii Sports Resort.
Punch-Out!! was ranked 230th on's sales rank at the time this was captured, placing it third in sales for these four games on  From the NPD data that we know, Punch-Out!! is behind EA Sports Active and Wii Sports Resort in overall sales.  Punch-Out!! also sits in third place for number of hours reported playing ahead of EA Sports Active, but behind The Conduit and Wii Sports Resort.
Last, but definitely not least, Wii Sports Resort was ranked 5th in overall video game sales on  Wii Sports Resort is first in sales rank on out of these games, and is also first in number of hours reported played on the Nintendo Channel.

I find it interesting's ranking provides some sales data that reflects placement ranked, if not exact numbers, for how the games are doing compared to each other.

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