Monday, September 7, 2009

Wii Casual vs. Core vs. CasualCore: Nintendo Channel Data for Week Beginning Sept. 6

Wii Sports Resort Approaching One Million!

Another week has passed, and more hours have been logged into games by the casual and core gaming crowd.
Last week we looked at EA Sports Active, Punch-Out!!, The Conduit, and Wii Sports Resort, and we will continue this week with the same games.
EA Sports Active remains the lowest of the games in total play times reported, while Wii Sports Resort continues it's climb up with total play time approaching one million hours!
Punch-Out!! and The Conduit are still in the middle.
Here are the numbers and the data breakdown.

I'll start with the game that has the most "Total:" hours reported playing, it was last week and again this week, Wii Sports Resort.
Wii Sports Resort: 
973,588 TOTAL HOURS reported playing. 
439,794 total play time sessions recorded.  
Wii Sports Resort saw the number of people game play data was received from increase from 54,942 last week, to 67,453 this week.  A difference of 12,511, nearly a 23% increase from last weeks number of users data was received from.

The Conduit:  
556,338 TOTAL HOURS play time.  
255,199 play time sessions recorded.
The Conduit saw the number of people game play data was received increase from 26,693 last week, to 28,546 this week.  A difference of 1,853, an increase of just over 6% in users game play data received.

460,894 TOTAL HOURS play time.
289,334 play time sessions recorded.
Punch-Out!! saw the number of people game play data was received increase from 46,134 last week, to 48,792 this week.  A difference of 2,658, an increase of just over 5% of users data received.

Last but not least(definitely not least in sales),
EA Sports Active: 
206,148 TOTAL HOURS play time.
210,124 play time sessions recorded.
EA Sports Active saw the number of people game play data was received increase from 29,015 last week, to 30,855 this week.  From the numbers, 1,840 more users submitted data this week, an increase of almost 6% of users submitting data for EA Sports Active.

EA Sports Active, Punch-Out!!, and The Conduit all saw total play time increase, between 5-7.5%.
Wii Sports Resort saw total play time increase 202,759 hours, nearly a 21% increase in total play time!


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  2. Thanks for the comment, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  3. I'm just glad that Punch-Out!! is getting at least some of the attention it deserves.


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