Friday, October 2, 2009

Wii System Update 4.2 and The Conduit's Spawn Glitch

Nintendo released their latest update, 4.2, for the Wii last week.  It was reported by,, that they had played a couple of matches online of The Conduit after updating to 4.2 and they didn't experience the spawn glitch.  They said at one point, "While we can't officially confirm Nintendo's patching of the spawn glitch, we can at least note that is has now failed to occur, even with its tell-tale signs, after 4.2's release."

Well, I would just like to update with video proof, that Nintendo's 4.2 patch did not fix The Conduit's spawn glitch as they had hoped, and even I had hoped after reading their article.

If you purchased The Conduit, does the spawn glitch make you less likely to attempt to play the multi player now?  For myself at this point, I'm hoping that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare[Reflex] has controls as great as The Conduit's and online play as smooth as Call of Duty: World at War's is on the Wii.

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