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Call of Duty? Conduit? GoldenEye? Metroid? What is the most played FPS Wii game in the U.S.?

The Roast
The Wii has had a variety of first-person shooter (FPS) games released during the last 6 years, some of the more popular Wii FPS titles you can see in the image above. With more than 20 FPS games released for the Wii, at least 10 have had online multiplayer, while some have been more single player focused like Metroid Prime 3: Corruption and Red Steel 2.

What is the most played FPS game on the Wii in the United States, according to the overall total hours reported and the average hours reported "Per person" on the Nintendo Channel? Brew yourself some coffee, and let's take a look!

Coffee Beans
Call of Duty: Black Ops is the Wii's most played game from the Call of Duty series, according to the average hours reported "Per person" and also the total hours reported on the Nintendo Channel for all of the Call of Duty games, as well as all of the other FPS games with data reported through the Nintendo Channel.

Call of Duty: Black Ops was released on November 9, 2010 for the Wii, with a MSRP of $49.99. The game was developed by Treyarch and published by Activision, and received an ESRB rating of "MATURE" with "Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language" listed as content for gamers and parents to be aware of.

The data shown in the image below is for the gameplay hours reported from U.S. Wii owners, with 734 days possibly report.

Data for U.S. Wii owners.

The Brew
Black Ops now has approximately 200,601 Wii owners from the U.S. that have reported playing the game through the Nintendo Channel, which is about 23,428 more Wii owners that have now reported data for the game, since the data report in June.

The game's reported average play-time is now 84 Hours 22 Minutes "Per person", over 2 hours higher than June's reported average "Per person", and the average played per day/time is about 2 Hours 36 Minutes. This simply means each time a Wii owner sits down to play Black Ops, they are spending about 2.5 hours playing it each time. It could be zombies. It could be standard online multiplayer. It could be single player. It could be all of them, but whatever it is, the game is still being played a lot.

What about reviews for Call of Duty: Black Ops on the Wii, has anything changed since June? Well, the game still has a "professional" review score average of 81.47%, based on 17 reviews on GameRankings.com. It now has a customer review score average of 77.30%, based on 141 customer reviews from Amazon.com.

How most Black Ops 2 players are feeling after the last night of gaming?

Caffeinated Thoughts
Millions of gamers are probably playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 on their PlayStation 3s, Xbox 360s, and PCs as I'm typing this. While Black Ops 2 is not releasing for the Wii, as confirmed by an Activision representative in October, the Wii was home to every other Treyarch developed Call of Duty game.

I haven't played my copy of Black Ops on the PS3 in a while, but I did enjoy the online multiplayer when I played it, and the zombie mode as well. I didn't go out and get a copy of Black Ops 2 for my PlayStation 3, because I'm debating on grabbing the game with my Wii U this Sunday.

If you haven't seen any footage of Black Ops 2, take a look at the launch trailer below!

I am surprised that Black Ops on the Wii has become the most played FPS for the system, in both the hours reported "Per person" and the overall total hours reported. I thought that Call of Duty: World at War would hold onto the most played according to "Total Hours" reported because of Modern Warfare 3 potentially getting purchased and played by Black Ops players, but the data just over the last few months shows Black Ops is on a steady increase each week.

I'm really glad to see Treyarch releasing Black Ops 2 for the Wii U, and while it's unfortunate for Wii owners  that want to play Black Ops 2 but won't be getting a Wii U soon, hopefully the game makes use of the Wii U GamePad in some innovative ways that might even help sell a few more Wii U consoles to Call of Duty fans.

Have any of you been playing Call of Duty: Black Ops on the Wii, perhaps while waiting on Black Ops 2 and the Wii U's release next week? If you have played Black Ops on the Wii, do you know how many hours you have put into the game?

Also, did any of you go to a midnight launch for Black Ops 2, or are any of you planning on buying Black Ops 2 for the Wii U?

If you are interested in Black Ops for the Wii, or the newly released Black Ops 2, you can see links for the games on Amazon.com below:


  1. What. About. ZOMBIES!?!?! Zombies make everything better (or worse, depending), right? Imagine, Star Wars Zombies...*writes Lucas and Disney to make it happen!

  2. I don't mind a good FPS, but I'd much rather a Third Person Shooter like Lost Planet. I didn't play this particular game on the Wii, though I know someone who plays it faithfully.

  3. I've yet to enjoy a FPS on the Wii. The classic controller doesn't feel right for the genre (I prefer the dualshock), and I hate pointer controls with a passion.

    So, needless to say, this is one game I have not played, lol.

  4. So, I guess you're excited about Lost Planet 3 on the Wii U being "confirmed"? I haven't played many TPS, at least that I can remember now, but I did demo Lost Planet 2 I think on my PS3. Was LP2 the one with the grappling mechanic?

    Thanks for the feedback!

  5. I don't follow...what does zombies and Star Wars have to do with Activision (I know there is zombie mode in some COD games, but what else?).

  6. "I've yet to enjoy a FPS on the Wii." -_- -_-

    You have yet to enjoy a FPS then...

    OH SNAP! Waits for PC gamers to descend upon CWG....I would say the Classic Controller Pro would be the better option, and the Classic Controller once again shows Nintendo apparently trying something new, just to waste resources instead of making a decent controller the first time.

  7. We've gotten most of our CoD games on PS3 over the years. We don't have Black Ops II yet, but my son really wants it and I get the feeling that will be his big Christmas present. He has a birthday like 3 weeks later, and I suspect Halo 4 will show up for that. He does enjoy his FPSs

  8. Classic Controller was made for Virtual Console titles with a goal of being a cheap tethered controller, but it was a pathetic controller.

    Classic Pro Controller was improvement but not much better.

    Wii Pointer + Nunchuk worked poorly unless software was compensating for player's hands being naturally jittery.

    Wii MotionPlus + Pointer + Nunchuk which came later worked really well with the Nunchuk being the weakest link left. Having to have the two tethered by cable being another weak point. The PS-Move + Navigation Controller in some ways works better while in others not as good (not as fast/responsive for instance).

  9. So, Black Ops II for the PS3 and Halo 4 for the 360 (of course), that way one of you can both be playing the games online, at the same time! (Who needs a Wii U GamePad, when you have MULTIPLE consoles!)

    I'm actually looking forward to seeing how the new zombie mode stacks up, and am on a media blackout of Black Ops 2 and ZombiU now.

  10. I actually preferred Wii Point + Nunchuk in my FPS games, and even in Monster Hunter Tri I used the Wii Remote and Nunchuk controls.

    The one thing the Navigation Controller lacked (I think) was a gyro-sensor, so there was no "shaking" ability with the nunchuk in PS3 games...which I actually liked in Wii FPS games for reloading.

    Thanks for the comment! Did you get Black Ops 2, or any plans on getting a Wii U this weekend?

  11. I decided to buy Call of Duty Black Ops 2 for the Wii U. I will pick up the new console (deluxe) this Sunday from my local GameStop with ZombiU and then receive Blops 2 in the mail from NewEgg ($12 off and no sales-tax/shipping).

  12. Best games for you:
    Uncharted series
    Gears of War series
    Spec Ops - The Line
    Lost Planet series
    Dead Space series if you don't mind the intensity

    I suppose Sandbox games like Saint's Row, Grand Theft Auto, Sleeping Dogs, etc would also qualify as 3rd Person Shooters, but they have driving and other things than just shooting.

  13. You and I are close to the same with the Wii U. I have the Deluxe Set reserved as well, will be grabbing ZombiU with it and Black Ops 2, but NSMBU will be coming to me from NewEgg with the $12 off deal they had.

    Perhaps once we figure out the "network id" stuff, we can exchange info and locate each other for some rounds in Black Ops 2.

  14. Well, I didn't consider Uncharted a 3rd person shooter, but it did have some of those elements in it for sure. I did enjoy my time with it, and I greatly enjoyed the original Mercenaries back in the day.

    Thanks for the feedback!

  15. The joke is that activision likes adding zombies. THey took cod and added zombies. It was a crappy joke, but a joke nonetheless

  16. LOL, zombies are only in Treyarch's COD games, not Infinity Ward's, so Activision may have "approved" it...but the zombie mode(s) was developed by Treyarch originally for World at War, with a "Nazi" slant on it...though they never really explained it, it was fun and played well.

  17. I still pull out Conduit 2 every now and then, I'm glad people are still playing that. It hasn't been patched in 2+ years, however :/

  18. Aside from calling it a crappy joke, what @9b06794de58ab1e5ed3e4ccf9038c092:disqus said is correct.

    Star Wars has nothing to do with it.

  19. The lack of patching was an issue in Wii (and 3DS) games, and it's something I hope Nintendo has remedied with the Wii U...not holding my breath on anything though, as Nintendo just really doesn't seem focused these days, and is very spastic with getting updates out.

    BTW, Conduit 2 has more play-time "Per person" than GoldenEye 007 does, which is probably a reflection of the online multiplayer bringing players back to Conduit 2 more then to GoldenEye. I'm just wondering if the Conduit series will continue, or if HVS is struggling to just stay afloat right now.

    Thanks for the comment!

  20. I would love to play both Lost Planet games and the Dead Space ones as well, heck, even Gears of War to see what all the fuss is about.

    Can't really get into sandbox games, I've tried to play many GTA games, but it's not something I can stick with for some reason.

    Spec Ops - The Line is something I need to check out, I know nothing about that game.

  21. Yeah, I think it has a grappling mechanic. It's been awhile since I've played, but I've also only played the demos.

    I hope Capcom releases the other two (as a compilation I guess) on Wii U if they're bringing Lost Planet 3, that would be awesome.

  22. I enjoy the "roaming" aspect in the games, and just being able to drive aimlessly around, which is probably why I enjoyed Mercenaries a good bit.

    Thanks for the comment!

  23. "I hope Capcom releases the other two (as a compilation I guess) on Wii U if they're bringing Lost Planet 3, that would be awesome."

    Let's hope it's not the Mass Effect 3 Wii U issue.


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