Sunday, December 12, 2010

Netflix Channel - Are Wii Owners Watching It?

Coffee Beans:
     I showed on October 25, just a week after the Netflix Channel released, how many hours Wii owners had reported using the channel during its first week.
     On Monday, November 22, Netflix announced new price changes on their existing unlimited plans, and started offering a new "No DVDs" streaming only plan for $7.99.
     How many hours have Wii owners spent watching movies and television shows through the Netflix Channel, instead of playing video games since the last report?  Let's take a look!

Approx. Number of Wii Owners Reporting Data:
     The Netflix Channel now has 222,656 Wii owners that have downloaded the channel, and are sharing their Netflix Channel usage through the Wii's Nintendo Channel.

User Increase Since Last Report:
     The Netflix Channel has seen an increase of about 203,028 Wii owners reporting data, since the October 25 report.

Average & Total Video Hours Reported:
     The Netflix Channel's "Total Hours" have increased by 4,082,396 hours, since the last report, and it now has 4,132,554 Total Hours reported.
     The total average time "Per person" is 18 Hours, 33 Minutes, while the average time per session on the Netflix Channel is just over 3 Hours 5 Minutes.

Sales Info:
     Just based off the Netflix Channel's reported users, and assuming each Wii owner is just on the new $7.99 streaming only price plan; Netflix is making at least $1,779,021 per month, from Wii owners.
     We already know Nintendo of America's President Reggie Fils-Aime said there were more than 3 million Wii owners using the Netflix service when it was disc based, so based on that alone, they were making more than $27,000,000 a month from Wii owners($324,000,000 a year!).

     The reported Netflix Channel data is really impressive for a new channel on the Wii.  I think the reported user data shows the Netflix Channel is being used often by Wii owners; and the total number of hours reported and number of Wii owners reporting data is a lot higher than I expected, just 50 days after the Netflix Channel's release.

     We are still using our Netflix service, ever since we started our "Free 30-day trial"...I guess that's what trials are meant to do.
     We have the Netflix Channel on our Wii, as well as our PS3.  Being that I record a lot of footage from the Wii each week, the PS3 has become default Netflix player in the house.

     Have any of you, like myself, started a Netflix membership after giving their "30-day Free Trial" a try?

     If anybody doesn't have a console, and you are interested in getting one for Netflix use, you can see the consoles on linked below:


  1. Since we got a PS3, I use Netflix via that now. Only because the PS3 is hooked in through HDMI cable and imho is a better picture than the component cable we had for the Wii.

  2. When Netflix came out in Canada, I registered immediately knowing I would continue after the first month and after using it once, there was no doubt I would keep going. I already stream a lot of movies and tv shows online but Netflix is worth paying for. It's quick, easy and the video quality is great, I don't even bother with HD.

    I tend to go back and forth between watching on Wii and on my laptop when I go to bed and I love it.

  3. when Netflix hit the Wii I was very pleased and used it frequently.

    when it went disc-less I was ecstatic and used it like daily.

    a few weeks later we ditched out satellite TV and hooked up our desktop to our TV full time.

    since then, the Wii version of Netflix has become completely redundant and I haven't used it since =\

    I will likely delete the Netflix channel the next time I run out of disk space on the Wii =\

  4. Yeah, I started the free trial and went ahead and stuck around for another month. I might cancel my subscription for a week or two because the renewal date just so happens to be about 3 days before I'm going out of town for over a week where I'll be far away from internet access. Save some money. Anyone know if I can pick up with all my ratings and viewing progress in place when I re-subcribe if I do this?

    Speaking about usage data, I don't treat my channels like I treat my games; I make a concerted effort to keep my play-times accurate by not leaving a game running when I'm not playing it, but I don't give the same courtesy to the channels I frequent like the Internet Channel, Wii Shop, Nintendo Channel, and Netflix. I end up leaving those on over night occasionally.

  5. @Charlie Chang:
    Is the Wii even hooked up anymore?

    It's kind of interesting, we don't use Netflix on our computers at all, just the PS3 and Wii.

    Talk about going hardcore! Hooking up the PC to the TV...because of Netflix? Though, I can see a lot of people cancelling their cable/satellite services because of Netflix.

    I, like you, try to turn my games off if I'm not playing them...but with recording a lot of footage, sometimes I'll leave them on for longer times just sitting on the menu, until I know if I need to record more footage.

    I'm not sure about stopping a Netflix subscription and starting it back with the same ratings, and viewing progress though...I would think that information would be stored for a while, as I know they keep track of your email address for years after you cancel.

    Thank you all for the comments and feedback! Anybody still using Netflix after a "30-Day Free Trial"?

  6. We were already Netflix subscribers when they started offering it on the systems. My wife uses it more than I do, and she tried to use your cpu to watch it, but didn't like that much as it kept her from actually *using* her cpu. Then she got hooked on watching it on our 360 - which is wired to our router. That it was discless was nice. We got the disc for our Wii and PS3 on a whim - it was free. Turned out the ps3 has become our main sort of streaming Netflix now, because it has the wireless. We have it in our bedroom, which came in very handy last year when my wife fractured her tailbone sledding with the kids *ouch, right?* Now that it's discless, all the better, but our kids like watching it out in the living room on the 360 and my wife prefers using the ps3 in the bedroom - so the Wii's netflix around our house is sort of ignored.

  7. @Chalgyr:
    It's interesting to see that the multi-console owners that have commented here, don't really use the Wii's Netflix Channel a lot, if at all.

    I have the Wii in our computer room, but rarely watch programs on it...but Mrs. CwG and I use Netflix a lot in the living room, on the PS3, with our little "coffee bean" guy, during the day and at he can be entertained(not that it really works!).

    I've been sledding a few times, and I remember going once back in 2002 on a golf course after a heavy snow; and I WAS FREEZING after I left.
    But, on that sledding trip, because it was so hilly and steep, we would literally fly up off of the sled and come crashing back down on a few of the "bumps", so I can see how a fracture could happen very easily.

    Thanks for the feedback again!

  8. Thanks for the article. Just want to inform all folks who live outside US that Nintendo Wii U is a great media Player. If you want to access Netflix and other streaming stations on your Nintendo Wii U you can use UnoTelly as I do to get around the geo block.


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