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Walk It Out's Debut - The Game, Not Unk's Song

Coffee Beans:
     Walk It Out was released on January 12, 2010.  It was developed by Hudson Soft, and published by Konami; and Walk It Out currently has a MSRP of $29.99.
     The description for Walk It Out reads, "Experience a revolutionary and unique workout where walking to the beat of great music unlocks an exciting in-game world.  Keep movin' to the beat of all your favorite in-game tracks as you extend your workout in bonus minigames.  Compatible with the Wii Balance Board and the Wii DanceDanceRevolution Controller, Walk It Out will have you groovin' your way to a healthier you!"

     It has taken Walk It Out 336 days for its game-play hours to appear on the Nintendo Channel, since it released on January 12.  In those 336 days, how many hours have Wii owners reported using Walk It Out to walk for a healthier life?  Let's take a look!

Debut game-play hours shown are for the United States of America Wii owners, not world-wide.
Approx. Number of Players Reporting Data:
     Walk It Out has 3,377 Wii owners reporting play-time hours on its debut, on the Nintendo Channel.

Average & Total Game-Play Hours Reported:
     Walk It Out has 50,582 Total Hours of game-play reported on its debut, with an average of 14 Hours 58 Minutes "Per person" reporting data.
     The average play-time per session for Walk It Out is just over 1 Hour 19 Minutes.

Sale Rank & Advertised Price:
     Walk It Out's Amazon.com sale rank is #397, and is currently selling for $29.99.
     (Sale rank and advertised price recorded around 12:30AM on 12-14-10)

Review Score Averages:
     Walk It Out's review score average is 58.33%, based on just three "professional" review scores on GameRankings.com.

     Walk It Out has a 4.5 out of 5 Star rating, basically a 90%, based on 279 customer reviews on Amazon.com. (recorded around 12:30AM on 12-14-10)
     Take a look at the Amazon.com customer review scores breakdown:

     First, if you wondering about the title, I didn't know until doing research for this post, that there is a song by the rapper Unk with the same name of the game.  His song was out first though, so I guess the ! at the end of Walk It Out's box title is the difference.
     Walk It Out's customer review score average is noticeably higher in the overall percentage and number of reviews, than the "professional" review score average.  I would say Walk It Out falls into the category of Wii games where most "reviewers" just weren't the target audience for the game; which could explain the low "professional" review score average, and the low number of "professional" reviews averaged.
     Trying to get more than one decent "professional" review for Walk It Out with today's video game "reviewers", would probably be like trying to sell a steak to a vegetarian...or, getting me to switch to decaf coffee on a regular basis; it just likely wouldn't happen.
     If you don't know what Walk It Out is even about, here is a trailer showing some of the game-play:

     Considering Walk It Out has had its game-play hours debut in under a year, and it was designed to get players active; I would say it's another game to add to the list that is helping gamers and families become active.
     Just based on the 50,582 "Total Hours" reported, that would be equivalent to about 5.77 years(rounded down) of walking non-stop 24/7.
     I haven't played Walk It Out, and I don't think I will; but I'm glad to see another game with a focus on helping gamers/families get fit, having data reported showing its use.

     Have any of you played Walk It Out?  If so, what did you think about it?  Is it a game you find yourself using on a regular basis?

If anybody is interested in purchasing Walk It Out, you can see sale prices listed on Amazon.com linked below:


  1. I'm looking for cold hard number facts. There is a Facebook page whose members are begging for a WIO II, III, and above; however, I don't think that will happen if the money invested in the product has not been recouped plus a profit. I just began searching for Sales numbers for the game and can't seem to find any (I know they are out there) because the game never made the top 10 or even the top 100 on Amazon.


  2. @Anonymous(NotThePest):
    When you said, "...because the game never made the top 10 or even the top 100 on Amazon."

    Did you mean it NEVER LEFT the "top 100" on Amazon.com?
    Because right now it's sitting at #84 overall in video games, so it's doing pretty well for a game released last year.

    The one area I wish we knew more of on video games, was how much they made...the movie industry is usually very open with how much movies make over their released life-time, but video games are different in that aspect, and can be difficult to find "cold hard number facts" on.

    Thanks for taking the time to comment! I'm glad to know there is an active Facebook group, that seems to be enjoying the original WIO, and hopefully the developer will see the fans hoping for a sequel!

  3. another WIO fan. Reading the WIO reviews on Amazon and a great deal on a Wii right before Christmas put one in my house. Since I have gotten it I have walked 5 out of 7 days a week, over an hour each time and according to the program about 4 miles and about 14K steps each session.
    Is it an exciting game? No, but it turned me from a complete couch potato to someone that looks forward to walking.
    I think they need to market this to people like me- middle aged overweight sedentary woman who wants to get motivated to move. In fact, Nintendo should support this because since I wanted this program, I bought not only the game, but the Wii, extra controllers, nunchucks, and several other games for my kids. So, I bought a $20 game but ended spending alot of $$$ on related products.

  4. I have had this game since it came out, over a year ago. I play this "game" often and usually at an hour at a time. I live in the Northeast, and this game is especially great in the Winter months getting me moving and also helping to cure the Winter blues! If you truly read the Amazon reviews, most people agree that the first couple of times you "play" this, can be frustrating. But once you get it, it becomes addictive!

  5. @Anonymous from January 23, 2011 @ 3:47PM:
    Yea, I try to go to Amazon.com now for my reviews, instead of the "professionals" on the more mainstream gaming sites...
    It seems that the customers actually USING the games on a regular basis, have more positive things to say about them...than a "reviewer" that played it for an hour before throwing together a review.

    @Anonymous from January 23, 2011 @ 8:21PM:
    What I said to the Anonymous commenter above you, is pretty much what you're saying I think happened with the "professional" reviews...

    I have been including the "professional" and "customer" reviews on my data stories for a while now, and on fitness games like this...the customer reviews are often higher than the "professional" reviews.

    Thank you both very much for taking the time to comment and share your thoughts on the game! I really do appreciate it!


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