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Metroid: Other M's Reported Game-Play Hours

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We last looked at the game-play hours for Samus' latest adventure, Metroid: Other M, on October 18.  Metroid: Other M's play-time data debuted on the Nintendo Channel on September 13, and you can see the debut play-time data HERE.

In the last 43 days, how many hours have Wii owners spent playing Samus' new adventure, and what are the average hours of game-play reported for Metroid: Other M?  Let's take a look!

The hours shown above are for the United States of America Wii owners, not world-wide.
Approx. Number of Players Reporting Data:
Metroid: Other M now has 37,552 Wii owners reporting their play-time data, through the Nintendo Channel.

Player Increase Since Last Report:
Metroid: Other M has seen an increase of about 11,826 more players reporting their game-play data, in the 43 days since the last report.

Average Hours & Total Game-Play Hours Reported:
Metroid: Other M has 575,949 Total Hours of game-play reported, an increase of 208,351 game-play hours in the last 43 days reported.

Metroid: Other M's average play-time "Per person" is now 15 Hours 20 Minutes, an increase of 1 Hour 3 Minutes of average game-play time, "Per person" reporting data. The average Metroid: Other M play session is now just over 2 Hours 20 Minutes.

Sale Rank & Advertised Price:
Metroid: Other M's sale rank is currently #115, and is selling for $24.99.
(Captured around 12:00AM on 12-1-10)

Review Score Averages:
Metroid: Other M's review score average is now 79.17%, based on 49 "professional" reviews on  This is a slight increase since the last report, which had 47 reviews reported for an average of 79.38%.
(Captured around 12:00AM on 12-1-10)

News broke about 2 weeks ago, that Metroid: Other M has not met sales expectations in North America, and Nintendo is trying to figure out why. Reggie Fils-Aime, Nintendo of America's president, told, "We believe that it could be, should be a million unit title."  Reggie stated he didn't think the title would reach that number through the holidays, and the title was close to half-a-million units sold so far.

Just in the last week or so, has consistently had the sale price of Metroid: Other M under $30.  I wonder if perhaps Nintendo's new strategy to get Metroid: Other M to one million units, is by allowing retailers to slash its price during the holidays?

I still haven't played Metroid: Other M, but the new lower price on has made me interested; though I will probably just end up renting it in the future.

If you purchased Metroid: Other M when it first released, and perhaps some Wii owners(like myself) have been on the fence about the title, would you suggest they purchase it while they can for under $30?  Or, do you think Samus' latest adventure is more of a rental?

If anybody is interested in Metroid: Other M, you can see it priced on linked directly below:

Link to Kotaku's full interview with Reggie:


  1. played the game to 100% completion. IMHO it's totally worth it for $ 30.00. It's also a GREAT game if you are open-minded enough going in.. more than that it's extremely unique coming from Nintendo.

  2. Its a great game if you like watching junk cutscenes rather than actually playing video games.

    Video-Games Rule #1: Every second the player isn't hammering buttons they are getting bored.

    Nintendo needs to go back and look at the original Metroid. It has some great pieces but poorly put together.

  3. Well I took the Gamefly route due to all the negative press it was getting. I think most of the comments were valid, there are some issues with the game, especially with the NES style controls and the cut scenes. But overall the the game is decent and is polished, just not as good as it could have been. To me it felt like a watered down version of a Metroid game and the story that was put into place just didn't work well. The voice acting was sub par especillay with Samus and the way it's used to control your weapons upgrades and flow of the plot mostly falls flat. What is the deal without being able to shoot Missles whenever you want?

    If your a Metroid fan, $30 dollars is a reasonable price. It does look fantastic at times, other times not so much.

    I would like them to try again with another studio at the helm, same 2D - 3D style AND USE THE DAMN NUNCHUCK.

  4. wow...
    what a delightfully divisive game ;)

    Reminds me a bit of Luigi's Mansion in that respect; I think both games benefit from a bit of perspective.
    Since I loved both I really hope they each get the opportunity to continue exploring their core concepts in sequels one of these days.

    I think it's worth it for $30 bucks, maybe even more if you're a sucker for originality like me.

  5. @Anonymous from December 1, 2010 @ 2:28AM:
    I have heard from others that have played it, that being "open-minded" going into it, should help gamers to enjoy it.

    @Anonymous from December 1, 2010 @ 2:28AM:
    I wouldn't say every second a player isn't mashing buttons, they're getting bored. I think if the game-play and story are well connected, a cut-scene here or there, may help draw the player into the experience more.
    Now, I do know certain games, like Metal Gear Solid 4, that seemed to really cause an uproar because of the length/number of cut-scenes in the game...and perhaps Metroid: Other M is the same way.
    Too much of a good thing, can be a bad thing...and I think developers need to keep that in mind.

    @Brad Jerger(The Butcher):
    If I wasn't so cheap, I would do Gamefly; but, I have spent less on new games this year, than I would have on a Gamefly far. I did use the service once in the past, almost 4 years ago, and thought it was good...but couldn't justify the price for the amount of time I play games during the month.

    @Anonymous from December 3, 2010 @ 3:22AM:
    Like Metroid: Other M, I only briefly played Luigi's Mansion at a store's demo kiosk for it. I remember a lot of Nintendo fans finding it odd for Nintendo to go the Luigi route with the GameCube's release.

    Thank you all for the comments and feedback! If anybody else has thoughts on Metroid: Other M, bitter or sweet, please let us know!

  6. "More of a rental" is never an option to me. If it's not worth owning (for the price), then it's usually not special enough to be played. But I'm the sentimental type...

    I'm guessing you know the jist of the game; more of an action game than an exploration game like you expect from Metroid, so I'll just go into some people's sticking points. I have no idea where "bad voice acting" is coming from. Okay, sure, that scientist in the beginning is pretty awful, but he's around for about 5 minutes never to be heard again. Everyone else, IMO is excellently and appropriately voice-acted.

    I appreciate the characterization they gave Samus and how it works into the story. I don't feel that her emotional reactions are just pulled out thin air. They all make sense to me.

    Yes, I recommend the game at $30. I'd recommend it at $50, as long as you haven't been gorging on action games the whole year.

  7. @WesFX:
    Do you always hold onto your games, and never trade them in?

    I may have to end up giving this a run through, as I really enjoyed Metroid Prime 3: Corruption...perhaps this take on the Metroid universe will impress me as well.

    Thanks for the feedback!

  8. @WesFX, "I have no idea where "bad voice acting" is coming from. Okay, sure, that scientist in the beginning is pretty awful, but he's around for about 5 minutes never to be heard again."

    I guess I can clarify my thoughts on that a bit. To me I think it was a combination of the writing, story and voice acting combined. The story was too focused on driving the gameplay. I felt very contrived when "Adam" would tell you when you were authorized to use your weapons only after you were getting your butt kicked a bit and basically just told you where to go all the time. Not very Metroidy, that was one of the things that bothered my about Fusion for Game Boy.

    In terms of Samus, I felt her voice didn't match the emotionality of the way the character was written in the story. I didn't seem to match up to me.

    I think that Metroid is a series that has lots of room for story and I hope Nintendo doesn't drop it from the next one, I think it can work, it just needs to be massaged a bit more. It was a great first attempt and I did enjoy the game (really liked the 3d-2d style), I think with a different development team, tweaked controls and a better story could really blow people away.

  9. Oh right, the "authorization" thing is another sticking point. All the reviews talked about it, but I never once read one that mentioned how the game will throw you into situations that quickly fill you with hopelessness and how the authorization system lets you instantly turn the tides in those situations and just feel like a bad ass. How did it work in other games? You beat a boss, and then find a power. But did you immediately have a situation where you could really utilize that power you just got? Most often, not at all. And sometimes you didn't have a need for it for dozens of minutes worth of play.

    I do try to. Games are my main hobby, so I don't really have my entertainment funds spread that thin. But at the same time, I don't really buy games brand new and/or full price as often as I'd like (to support devs and publishers). I put a lot of thought into the games I buy, and in return I rarely regret what I get.

    Plus it just makes me angry to think about selling something I paid $50 for, for $5 later. At the asking price of used games, the sentimental value far out-weighs the cash value, for me.

  10. @WesFX:
    Yea, I really try NOT to trade my games off.
    I would rather exchange games with friends for a while, but sometimes I'm tempted to trade them I did with The Conduit(which I then got back), and now with Call of Duty: Black Ops on the PS3. I'll probably just end up holding on it though, I don't know.

    Thanks for the reply!


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