Thursday, October 6, 2011

My Birthday Coffee Gift Items - Part 1

Coffee Beans
     October.  For the past 29 years, it has been the month I have a birthday, and get a year older.  It's kind of strange how it happens every year on the same day, but it does and I'm not going to complain.  Earlier this week I came in from work and was pleasantly surprised by gifts Mrs. Coffee had for me.
     What gifts did Mrs. Coffee have waiting for me when I arrived home?  Take a look!

     As the image above shows, Mrs. Coffee had baked me a cake, had me some Breyers Coffee flavored ice cream, and had me an assortment of new coffees!  The coffees as pictured from left to right were: Folgers Black Silk, Chock full o' Nuts Original blend, and Yuban Original.  Out of all the coffee blends, I had only previously consumed the Folgers Black Silk blend.
     I know nothing about Chock full o' Nuts Coffee blends, and the only thing I know about Yuban coffee is that Michael Pachter said on this site that he drinks it, and that it is "super strong."; so I'm looking forward to trying both the Chock full o' Nuts and the Yuban coffee blends.

     Have any of you tried the Chock full o' Nuts blend, or the Yuban blend?  If so, what do you think about them?


  1. Happy Birthday Coffee! Had another 30 something bday roll around for me about two weeks ago as well.

    I may have tried chock full o'nuts awhile back, but don't recall anything specific at this point. Let us know how they turn out.

  2. @Robert:
    Yea, since I'm doing more coffee related posts, as well as gaming, I may do some pieces on the new coffees.

    BTW, happy belated birthday!

  3. Nope, can't help you on the blends, though that breyer's coffee icecream is my wife's absolute favorite. :) Happy birthday - hope it's a good month full of games and coffee. :)

  4. I've really wondered what coffees are popular in America... not Starbucks, the real coffees.

    In Australia we're really spoiled for choice, but those that you have there? We don't get any of them, and they look awesome.

    Happy birthday! You got spoiled :D

  5. Haven't tried any of those coffees.....but now I want to. I might have to get a hold of the grocery list.

    Happy Birthday, Coffee!! Hope it's a blessed one!

  6. Apologies for being late to the party, but...


  7. Happy Belated Birthday dude. Your almost to the elite 30 club.

  8. Happy Birthday Coffee! Hope you had a great one!

  9. Thank you all for the birthday wishes/comments! They are very much appreciated.

    @Brad: "Elite 30 club" ha, I started going down in years about 4 years I'm almost back to 20 now!

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