Monday, October 5, 2009

Nintendo's website (S)Lacking...

I was just doing some research for an article I'm writing, and while doing the research, I went to Nintendo's website and looked at the history of the company.

I wonder if the person in charge of updating Nintendo's website, does it as a job or as a hobby.  If they do it as a job, they must be too busy rolling around in the piles of cash they've been making to actually update the site.

What am I talking about?  Well, if you visit the Company History page on, you won't see a certain gaming system they released this year listed(released six months ago as of today, October 5).

Direct link to the Nintendo Company History page:

Do you know what system is missing from the list?


  1. The Virtual Boy which came out 8-14-95, it should be listed in between the SNES and the N64.

    Don't tell me you bought that piece of hardware crap.

  2. @Nicodemus: No, I didn't buy the Virtual Boy, I've heard it caused headaches and sickness though...


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