Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Beach or The Gym?

Do Wii owners prefer going to a gym or prefer going to a beach resort?  Well, from data provided by the Nintendo Channel, one seems to be favored clearly over the other!

The original Wii Sports and Wii Fit have done extremely well, both selling millions of copies.
Wii Sports was included with the Wii in North America and is a great piece of software to demonstrate the Wii's capabilities with motion controls, right out of the box.
Wii Fit was released in 2008 and was bundled with the Wii Balance Board, which was a new way to get gamers involved in games and also in shape.

Flash-forward to 2009!
In July, Nintendo released a sequel of sorts, to the original Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort.  Wii Sports Resort was bundled with a new accessory, Wii Motion +, selling for $49.99.
Wii Sports Resort is Nintendo's software to demonstrate some of the possibilities that can be done in games on the Wii, now with the new Wii Motion + accessory.
In October, Nintendo released a sequel, to the original Wii Fit, Wii Fit Plus.  Wii Fit Plus is being sold as a software alone for $19.99, or with the Wii Balance Board for $99.99.

Through data provided on the Nintendo Channel, we can see how much the games are being played, by people that are allowing their game play data to be tracked.  I  personally think Wii Sports Resort is more of a casual/core game, appealing to both casual and core gamers, while I think Wii Fit Plus is more of a casual game, appealing more so to casual gamers.

The Nintendo Channel data:

(click to enlarge photo)

As the picture shows, Wii Sports Resort had more game play hours/game play times than Wii Fit Plus did in about the same amount of time.  Wii Sports Resort's data was collected two weeks after the game released, Wii Fit Plus's data was collected three weeks after it released.

The breakdown:
Wii Sports Resort had 166,984 more total game play hours than Wii Fit Plus did...and again, Wii Fit Plus's numbers were over a three week period, compared to a two week period for Wii Sports Resort.
Wii Sports Resort also had 23,329 users submitting data, where as Wii Fit Plus only had 8,378, a difference of 14,951 more users in Wii Sports Resort's advantage.

The meaning(my assumption):
I think based off the Nintendo Channel data, it looks like more Wii owners would prefer going to a beach resort, than working out in a gym.

Have you bought Wii Sports Resort and/or Wii Fit Plus?  If so, which game have you spent more time with?


  1. When we borrowed our friend's wii and he had wii fit which we played for a 2 week period until we had to give it back.

    In my opinion I think the wii fit stats shows a disciplined type of people for wii fit. It was fun to see the wii fit progress of my weight, strength, balance getting better, etc over 2 weeks.

    It may even be good for pregnant women! I'd be interested in seeing the extras in WFP.

  2. Hi all...
    I am playing games on pc and i like to know more about gaming...
    I like this article because it's provide lot's of fun and knowledge...

  3. @ Charlie: Wii Fit may players may be "more disciplined", but they aren't playing the game much, at least from the data provided on the Nintendo Channel.

  4. @r4: I'm not sure if your site is legit, or not, that is linked on your name...I may delete your comment, because I know Nintendo isn't a big fan of R4i cards and the illegal things that can be done with them, though I do thank you very much for the comment!


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