Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Nintendo Channel Update, Finally Updates!

Six weeks ago Nintendo released the Nintendo Channel update, and for 6 weeks, the game play data wasn't updated.  The great news is that the game play data has been updated and hopefully that will continue on a weekly basis.  Because there was a six week gap with no reporting, some assumptions will be taken.

The Casual/Core games that were being tracked are back and updated, but now also with's sales rank to go along with it:

Compared to the hours from 6 weeks ago:

Number of hours increased from September 14 through October 26:
EA Sports Active increased of 64,739 hours during the past 6 weeks.
Punch-Out!! increased 120,904 hours during the past 6 weeks.
The Conduit increased 211,123 hours during the past 6 weeks.
Wii Sports Resort increased 917,043 hours during the past 6 weeks.

Being that the data wasn't reported for 6 weeks, I've just done a simple average of increases per week for the games shown:
EA Sports Active had an average increase of 10,790 hours per week.
Punch-Out!! had an average increase of 20,151 hours per week.
The Conduit had an average increase of 35,187 hours per week.
Wii Sports Resort had an average increase of 152,841 hours per week.

Things of interest:
The Conduit is still second in game play hours reported, but as shown on's sales rank, The Conduit is in last place in sales.
Wii Sports Resort crossed the 2 million hours played mark and is still selling extremely well on
I think EA Sports Active is a great example of a game marketed almost entirely toward the new "casual" market on the Wii.  EA Sports Active has sold more than The Conduit and Punch-Out!!, from the numbers available, and the sales rank on reflects that, but still EA Sports Active has the fewest number of game play hours reported, I think reflecting the "casual" user base that is buying the game.

Are you still contributing any of the hours of game play associated with these games?

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