Monday, March 21, 2011

Site Note: Coffee with Games' Reader Points Updated

     I mentioned a few weeks back in my "February Brewed, March Brewing" post that I had updated the way I calculate the monthly reader points, and the reader points for January and February, "should be posted in the next 2 weeks."
     Well, nearly 3 weeks later, the reader points for January and February have been posted!

     The monthly reader points are a way that I'm hoping to be able to "reward" readers in some way , but it's something I've been working out, and as of now, I've settled on a solution...I think!

     So, if the following readers can send me an email to Scott(@), with your username in the title line, I'll reply to it:


  1. I've sent you the email. I gotta say I miss coming here as often as I used to before starting my internship. Time seems to fly these days.

  2. This is what another week of barely being on the computer gets me. I can get myself to update my own site, out of sheer guilt, but fail to check out anything else that's worth looking at.

  3. @Jonath:
    "Time seems to fly these days."
    Very much so!

    If we all were making a living off our sites, perhaps we could read/respond quicker to posts, but life keeps on going!


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