Saturday, February 12, 2011

FPS Friday - Killzone 3 Multi-player Beta Thoughts & Video

Coffee Beans:
     Killzone 3 will be releasing later this month, February 22 to be exact, and Sony currently has the "Killzone 3 Open Beta" for the game's online multi-player and Botzone modes available for download on PlayStation 3.
     I downloaded the Beta last Thursday, and have played a few matches since then.  Here's a video of me playing just one match from of the online multi-player from the Killzone 3 Open Beta:

     While I only played as the Field Medic class in the video, the Killzone 3 Open Beta has five classes you can choose to play as, and they are:
  • Engineer
  • Marksman
  • Tactician
  • Infiltrator
  • Field Medic
     The game describes the Field Medic class by saying, "The Field Medic gives what the battlefield takes away.  Life is his to give and take but the truly skilled Field Medic can bring soldiers back from the brink of death to be more effective than they ever were before."

     The Killzone 3 Open Beta has three multi-player modes, and each is listed below with the description for each mode:
  • Guerrilla Warfare - "The winning faction is the team that reaches the pre-set body count first, or accumulates the highest number of kills before time runs out."
  • Warzone - "Warzone features multiple randomized mission types for each faction to accomplish, creating dynamically changing gameplay from one game to the next."
  • Operations - "The ISA and Helghast battle for control of specific objectives - the ISA on the offensive and the Helghast defending.  The best players are featured throughout the match in cutscenes depicting their successes."
     Each mode can be played with 8 players on each team, for a total of 16 players online.
     The map that you see in my video above is called Frozen Dam, and it's the only map in the Open Beta.  Other areas of the map open up that you didn't see in my video, in the other multi-player modes.

Filtered Thoughts:
     I've enjoyed my brief time with the Killzone 3 Open Beta, I'm about to go hop back into some matches right now, and while I only showed/talked specifically about the Field Medic class, I'm hoping to try a few of the other classes in the next week.
     The graphics look extremely nice, even on my standard definition television...though reading text is extremely annoying, like most PS3 games on my standard definition television.
     I think the game controls pretty well, but adjusting back to dual-analog controls(from Wii Remote and Nunchuk FPS controls) takes a little while for me to get used to, as I don't have the Sony Move to play the game with.
     I do like how the Botzone mode allows you to play each class, with all the "perks" of each class already unlocked.  It allows you to test each class' strengths, before spending your points that are earned through leveling up in the online multi-player.
     I can't say I'll be purchasing Killzone 3 because of the Open Beta, but I have been enjoying my time with it so far.
     If any of you are playing the Killzone 3 Open Beta and want to find me online to try and play together, my PSN name is Hoj_Latte.

     If any of you have been playing the Killzone 3 Open Beta, what do you think about it?  Has it helped you to determine whether you are buying the game or not?

If you are interested in Killzone 3, you can pre-order/reserve the game on linked below:


  1. I have been keeping an eye on this one - not sure if I'll buy it yet, but seeing your reaction to it so far has been interesting. I have been considering trying it out though - really it'll be the best way for me to determine if I'll be sold on it or not.

  2. I've put in a good 7-8 hrs into it. At first I had to adjust and a bit to its play style and there seemed to be a few kinks in the beta of course that were giving me issues with lag. I like it for the most part but playing mulitplayer wasn't my favorite part of killzone. Ive always like the story and singleplayer. From what I've read for reviews the story isn't so good on this one. So I might wait on this one for awhile and spend my time playing Dead Space 2!

  3. @Coffee yes, after watching the video I can see you struggling with the controls, lots of strafing left and right without moving the cross hairs!

  4. @Chalgyr:
    Yea, you should download the Open Beta, while it's still available, because I'm guessing they'll take it down when the game is released.

    At least with the Beta, you can try out the Botzone(offline with Bots), and the online Multi-player, giving you a good idea of the modes.

    @Brad Jerger(The Butcher):
    Did you play Killzone on the PS2? I skipped that one, but played Killzone 2, and don't really remember much about the story...other than the final boss fight.

    As for strafing left/right, without moving the cross hairs...I think that's where I'm used to the Wii Remote and Nunchuk it's constant wrist movement, and not thumb movement via flicks of the analog stick...that's what I have to get used to.

    Thanks for comments/feedback!


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