Sunday, August 30, 2009

An Open Letter to Adam Biessener of GameInformer

"Hey Adam,
In issue 196 you reviewed The Conduit, and I've been wondering about your review.
Did you actually finish playing the single player campaign?

You said at one point in the review, "...but drawing a bead on a human opponent is tough even with the game's ploddingly slow movement speed.", and "Aiming is mediocre without being heinous."
You didn't mention though, that you can adjust your turning speed, running speed, the bounding box, etc., in the control settings in the game.
The level of customization for controls in The Conduit hasn't been matched by any previous FPS game on the Wii or other consoles for that matter.
I honestly don't know how you failed to mention or if you even tried for yourself to adjust the turning speed and running speed in The Conduit.

I played The Conduit's single player and multiplayer for about a week and a half after I bought the game(still playing the multiplayer some), I went back to KillZone 2, and thought something was wrong with my PS3 controller because of how slow I moved in the game compared to The Conduit.

Also, why doesn't your review or Ben's "Second Opinion" mention anything about the achievements in the game?
I understand that achievements are standard on the Xbox360 and even PS3 now, but the fact that a 3rd party on the Wii actually took time of their own, with no obligation to Nintendo, to add achievements in the game, should have been mentioned, as it adds replay value to the single player campaign.

If you didn't finish the single player campaign, the readers should know that you didn't finish it.

The game definitely isn't perfect, the online has glitches and bugs, but that wasn't mentioned in the review either.
I'm really confused with the reviewing process these days...if you don't play a game at length and don't actually finish the single player campaign, why even review it?


For my readers and for those of you that have played The Conduit and aren't sure if my points are valid, I encourage you first, read Adam's review of The Conduit,
If you think that the review is fine, let me know.
If you've played The Conduit and think my points are legitimate, maybe you will let Adam know. You can email Adam Biessener at ADAM@GAMEINFORMER.COM.
If you email Adam, please be civil in your emails.

I think we as subscribers to magazines like Game Informer and readers of gaming websites, should expect full, honest reviews of games, especially if the person is getting paid to review the game and it's their job. I don't think The Conduit received very many FULL, HONEST reviews when it was released.

What do you think?

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